Love Berry

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Love Berry
Love Berry August 2010.jpg
Cover of August 2010 issue
Categories Fashion
Frequency Monthly(December 2001 - February 2012)→Bimonthly(August 2016[1][2] - )
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
First issue 1 December 2001
December 25, 2015[3][4]
Final issue 1 February 2012
Country Japan
Based in Tokyo
Language Japanese

Love Berry (ラブベリー Rabuberi?) was a monthly fashion magazine published in Tokyo by Tokuma Shoten.[5] The magazine targets girls from early- to mid-teens. The magazine was known for its models (called LoveBerrina). Love Berry is often abbreviated LB.

History and profile[edit]

Love Berry was started in 2001.[5] The magazine was usually published on the first of every month. On 5 December 2011, Love Berry announced on its blog that Meredith had discontinued the magazine.[6][7]


Current (Lovemo[2])[edit]

Former (LoveBerrina)[edit]

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