Love Contract

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Love Contract
Xiao Feng (Ariel Lin, left) and Ah Ken (Mike He, right) from the end of the TV opening
Starring Ariel Lin
Mike He
Country of origin Republic of China (Taiwan)
Original language(s) Standard Mandarin
No. of episodes 20
Original network TVBS-G
Original release 2004-06-29 – 2004-08-24
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Love Contract (Chinese: 愛情合約; Tongyong Pinyin: Ài Qíng Hé Yuē) is a Taiwanese drama airing from June 29, 2004 to August 24, 2004 on TVBS-G. It is 20 episodes long and stars Ariel Lin and Mike He, which makes it the second time they had starred together since the 2004 drama Seventh Grade.


Outwardly, Xiao Feng (Ariel Lin) is a stubborn tomboy and the captain of the Kendo Club at her college. In her group of friends, she is the leader with her demanding nature and abrupt ways. Inwardly however, Xiao Feng is a girl scarred by her past and searching for what she wants most, love. Her friends, Ah Kai (Zhang Rui Jia), Xiao Bai (Lai Zhi Wei), Mu Tou (Lin Yi Hong), Xin Lei (Sa Sa), and, Xiao Xiao (Yang Pei Ting) don't know about that part of her past but they are all loyal friends to Xiao Feng; that is, until Xiao Bai and Ah Kai leave the Kendo Club for the Swim Team.

Xiao Bai and Ah Kai are immediately regretful when the captain of the Swim Team, Ah Ken, turns out to be a captain as grueling as Xiao Feng. When one night Xiao Feng announces to her friends she wants love the most, Xiao Bai and Ah Ken devise a prank called the love contract. In exchange for finding swim team members to recruit, Ah Ken must court Xiao Feng.


We find out that Ah Ken and Xiao Feng were originally a god and goddess up in heaven, sent down to earth to find the Love Contract as punishment for being too rowdy and unloving. Ah Ken decides that if they cannot be together in life, it is better to die together, and he brings her to the ocean that had brought the two of them together so long ago and, carrying her bridal style in his arms, walks bravely into the crashing waves. However, Xiao Feng wakes up soon after. Then, time goes on (and a hermit crab scuttles across the camera) and Xiao Feng and Ah Ken get married. Dressed in their wedding glory, they say you can hear the friends through the whale doll. Suddenly, all of their friends run toward them and congratulate them. "It's been too long since we last saw each other!" they say. Everyone is very happy to see each other. Even Xiao Bai, who had died, is able to join them. The drama is over, and after so much for everyone, they are finally able to indulge in something that is 100% happiness!


  • Ariel Lin as Cheng Xiao Feng / 成曉風(小風)
    • 21 years old. Captain of the kendo club. Xiao Feng is outspoken and is often rude, even to her friends. She enjoys teasing and picking on people, but her intention for torturing others is because she doesn't want anyone to fall in love with her. On the contrary, Xiao Feng soon finds love in Ah Ken, whom she initially hated, but denies it.
  • Mike He as Liu Jian Dong (Ah Ken) / 劉建東(阿 Ken)
    • 22 years old. Captain of the swimming team though he is the only member. Ah Ken is outspoken like Xiao Feng which clashes all the time but is also very caring. He fell in love with Xiao Feng after spending some time with her though he denied it half the time. He loves his mother but hates his dad for leaving them. Throughout the series Ken is seen posting for new members to join his team but nobody wants to join the team since he is too strict with training. He is called a "sea-monster" by other students.
  • Ray Chang as Ah Kai / 林凱(阿凱)
  • Lai Zhi Wei as Xiao Bai / 張元寶(小白)
  • Zhong Xin Yu as Xin Lei
  • Lin Yi Hong as Mu Tou / 林松柏(木頭)
  • Phyllis Quek as Xiao Yun
  • Yan Pei Ting as Xiao Xiao
  • Mary Hsu as Doris
  • Yi Zhe Li as Mei Li
  • Toyoharu Kitamura as Gan Jiu
  • Zheng Jie as Cheng Bao Tai
  • Li Feng Hua as Cheng Xiu Ying
  • King Kong Lee as Jin Gang
  • Liu Han Qiang as Simon
  • Rainie Lin as Xiao Yen

Additional credits[edit]

  • Producer: Liu Fu Ting
  • Director: Xu Zhao Ren
  • Original script: Jiang Shu Hui
  • special guest star:Nimrod Albert Yasay

Theme songs[edit]

  • Opening theme: Middle (中间 Zhong Jian) by Jasmine Leong
  • Ending theme: Lonely Northern Hemisphere (Chinese: 孤單北半球; Tongyong Pinyin: Gu Dan Bei Ban Qiu) by Ariel Lin

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