Love Enhanced Single Collection

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Love Enhanced Single Collection
Greatest hits album by Namie Amuro
Released March 13, 2002
Length 64:06
Label Avex Trax
Namie Amuro chronology
Break the Rules
Love Enhanced Single Collection
Singles from Love Enhanced Single Collection
  1. "I Will"
    Released: February 14, 2002
  2. "Say the Word"
    Released: August 8, 2001

Love Enhanced Single Collection (stylized as LOVE ENHANCED ♥ single collection) is the second greatest hits album by Japanese singer Namie Amuro under the Avex Trax label. The album covers 11 of the 12 singles she released after returning from a one-year maternity leave in 1998. The album excludes the single "Toi et Moi" which can only be found on its retailed single. The single was also excluded from her Genius 2000 album.


Amuro's second compilation is different from her first in that the majority of the album features new versions of previous singles. The only song that wasn't reworked is the track "Lovin' It (Namie Amuro & Verbal)." The initial track list of the album included the song "Put 'Em Up feat. Chili from TLC". However, the song was scrapped from the album and was ultimately released as its own single in 2003. "HimAWArI" is the only song on the album to be included that was not a single. Amuro explained that during the original recording of the song for the "Break the Rules" album she was sick. She wanted to record a new version since it had become a fan favorite.

The album was only moderately successful and she ultimately decided not to tour in support of it that year. This album also contains the last of the work she created with Tetsuya Komuro; the producer who wrote all her previous material. "Love Enhanced" in itself is a turning point for Amuro. After this album she retooled her image, took creative control of her career and made strides to be accepted as an R&B vocalist.

On 28 January 2004, a DVD-Audio version of the album was released.

The album was certified platinum by the RIAJ in 2002.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Say the Word" (Namie Amuro, Ronald Malmberg, Thomas Johansson) - 3:54
  2. "Respect the Power of Love" (Tetsuya Komuro) - 5:13
  3. "Never End" (Tetsuya Komuro) - 6:07
  4. "Love 2000" (Tetsuya Komuro, Sheila E., Lynn Mabry, Takahiro Maeda) - 5:04
  5. "Please Smile Again" (Tetsuya Komuro) - 4:44
  6. "Think of Me" (Dallas Austin, Junko Kudo) - 4:26
  7. "Something 'bout the Kiss" (Dallas Austin, Lysette Titi, Chang Hai, Jasper Cameron) - 4:45
  8. "Lovin' It (Namie Amuro & Verbal)" (Tetsuya Komuro, Verbal) - 5:01
  9. "I Have Never Seen" (Tetsuya Komuro) - 5:37
  10. "HimAWArI" (Tetsuya Komuro) - 4:46
  11. "No More Tears" (Tetsuya Komuro) - 5:48
  12. "I Will" (Namie Amuro, Hiroaki Hayama) - 6:41


Performers and musicians

  • Namie Amuro – vocals, background vocals
  • Verbal – vocals
  • Terry Bradford – background vocals
  • Andy Caine – background vocals
  • Jennifer Carr – background vocals
  • Sheila E. – background vocals, percussion, drums
  • Debra Killings – background vocals
  • Ken Kimura – guitar
  • Tetsuya Komuro – acoustic piano, keyboard, synthesizer
  • Lynn Mabry – background vocals
  • Maruyama Strings Group – strings
  • Kazuhiro Matsuo – acoustic guitar
  • Renato Neto – keyboard
  • Juliet Roberts – background vocals
  • Michael Thompson – guitar
  • Will Wheaton Jr. – background vocals


  • Producers - Dallas Austin, Tetsuya Komuro, Ronald Melmberg, Thomas Johansson
  • Vocal Direction - Yuko Kawai, Kenji Sano
  • Remixing - Kevin "KD" Davis, Eddie Delena, Dave Ford, Jon Gass, Eiji Isomura, Manny Maloquin, Chris Puram
  • Midi & Sound Design - Rick Sheppard
  • Photography - Shoji Uchida
  • Art Direction: TYG


Album - Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)

Release Chart Peak Position Sales Total Chart Run
13 March 2002 Oricon Daily Albums Chart 2
Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 3 314,570 9 weeks

Singles - Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)

Release Single Chart Peak Position
8 August 2001 "Say the Word" Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 3
27 December 2001 "Lovin' It (Namie Amuro & Verbal)" Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 8
14 February 2002 "I Will" Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 7


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