Love Help Me

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"Love Help Me"
Song by Deep Purple from the album Shades of Deep Purple
Written Mid-1968
Released July 1968
Recorded May 12, 1968
Genre Psychedelic rock, pop rock
Length 3:49
Label Parlophone (UK)
Tetragrammaton (US)
Writer(s) Ritchie Blackmore
Rod Evans
Producer(s) Derek Lawrence
Shades of Deep Purple track listing
"Love Help Me"
"Hey Joe"

"Love Help Me" is a song by English hard rock group Deep Purple.

In May 1968, when Deep Purple were about to record their first studio album, they had only been a band for a couple of months. This was the main factor concerning their slim set-lists, consisting of eight songs. At this period, they didn't have time to write many songs themselves, so they opted for cover versions. Which they did on their first studio album, Shades of Deep Purple.

Their first album consisted of eight tracks, but only four of them were written by Deep Purple including one instrumental. The other four songs were covers, originally written by another artist. Mainly, of the four songs that were composed by the band for this album, only one of them remained in their set-lists for long afterwards. That was "Mandrake Root", originally composed in 1967 as an instrumental, but lyrics was added to keep the instrumental count on the album down. The other three songs have made little impact and have never been played live after 1969.

One of these four songs is "Love Help Me". The song is a typical example of early Deep Purple, with jolly rhythms and smooth vocals. The song is far away from the direction that the band would take just two years after it was recorded. The recording was made on Saturday May 12, 1968 at Pye Studios at the ATV House in London, where the entire album was recorded.