Love Is Best

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"Love Is Best"
Love Is Best.JPG
Compilation album by Ai Otsuka
Released November 11, 2009 (2009-11-11)
Recorded 2008-2009
Genre J-pop
Label Avex Trax
AVCD-23921 (Japan, CD+DVD)
AVCD-23920 (Japan, CD)
Producer Ai Otsuka
Ai Otsuka chronology
"Love Letter"
"Love Is Best"

Love Is Best is the second 'Best of' compilation album to be released by Ai Otsuka on 11 November 2009. Its theme is love. It will come in both a CD-only format and a CD+DVD format. Fifteen songs are included. The first press edition comes with a pair of eyeglasses called "Love Eyes".[1]

The majority of the songs are taken from Otsuka's past releases, and they are all love songs, keeping with the album's theme. Some songs have been re-recorded specifically for the compilation.

A new song, "Is", was used to promote the album. It was used in TV commercials for Topvalu Heatfact, a company that produces underwear.

Love Is Best was certified Gold by RIAJ for shipment of 100,000 copies.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Is"
  2. "Aisu×Time" (Collaboration with Su from Rip Slyme)
  3. "Daisuki da yo." (大好きだよ。, I Love You.)
  4. "Ticket (チケット)"
  5. "Kimi Fechi" (君フェチ, Fetish of You)
  6. "Heart"
  7. "Futatsuboshi Kinenbi: Shinkon Hiyori" (ふたつ星記念日 ~新婚日和~, Two Stars Remembrance Day: Wedding Day)"
  8. "Sakuranbo" (さくらんぼ, Cherry)
  9. "Strawberry Jam"
  10. "Drop."
  11. "Amaenbo: Wedding" (甘えんぼ ~Wedding~, Spoiled Child)
  12. "Kimi ni Kaeru." (キミにカエル。, Returning To You.)
  13. "Amai Kimochi Maru Kajiri" (甘い気持ちまるかじり, A Bite Full of Sweet Feelings)
  14. "Renai Shashin: Haru" (恋愛写真 -春-, Love Photograph -Spring-)
  15. "Pocket: Last Love Letter" (ポケット ~Last Love Letter~, Pocket)

DVD track list[edit]

  1. Is (Music Clip)
  2. Aisu×Time (Music Clip)
  3. Daisuki da yo. (Music Clip)
  4. Heart (Music Clip)
  5. Sakuranbo (Music Clip)
  6. Amaenbo: Wedding (Music Clip)

Chart history[edit]

Oricon Sales Chart[edit]

Release Oricon Albums Chart Peak Position Debut Sales Sales Total Chart Run
November 11, 2009 Daily Chart 1 22,895 94,116 copies 12 weeks
Weekly Chart 1 56,366
Monthly Chart (November) 5 78,342
Yearly Chart #105 84,634


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Preceded by
The Circle by Bon Jovi
Oricon weekly number-one album
November 23, 2009
Succeeded by
Magic by B'z