Love Is Never Silent

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Love Is Never Silent
Genre Drama
Based on Love Is Never Silent by Joanne Greenberg
Written by Darlene Craviotto
Directed by Joseph Sargent
Starring Mare Winningham
Cloris Leachman
Sid Caesar
Phyllis Frelich
Theme music composer Billy Goldenberg
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Marian Rees
Producer(s) Dorothea G. Petrie
Anne Hopkins (associate producer)
Cinematography David Gribble
Editor(s) Paul LaMastra
Running time 98 minutes
Production company(s) Hallmark Hall of Fame
Marian Rees Associates
Telepictures Productions
Distributor NBC
Original network NBC
Original release December 9, 1985

Love Is Never Silent is a 1985 Hallmark Hall of Fame television film aired on NBC December 9, 1985 and stars Mare Winningham and Cloris Leachman.[1] It is based on the novel by Joanne Greenberg.[2]


Margaret Ryder is a hearing child born to deaf parents. The movie begins when Margaret's brother Bradley (age 5) falls off the balcony of their apartment. Margaret is now the only link between her deaf parents and the hearing world. When buying a coffin for Bradley, Margaret has to interpret for her parents as they only have $10. Her only true friend growing up was Mr. Petrakis, an immigrant from Greece who used the radio to learn English. When Margaret grows up she excels in high school math, even tutoring Mr. Petrakis. Upon graduating high school Margaret gets a job and meets William Anglin. She turns him down for coffee multiple times as she is still living with and helping her parents in their new house. She finally accepts and goes to the train station with William after he tells her he has enlisted because of the attack on Pearl Harbor. They develop a romance and write to each other while he is gone. William comes home from boot camp for a few days and asks Margaret to marry him, and she turns him down. Just before he is about to leave for Italy on his assignment Margaret tells William her parents are deaf and he says it doesn't matter. They elope without telling Margaret's parents and they are furious when she comes home the next day. Margaret tells her parents that they will be having William's mother and brother over for dinner and they refuse to use sign language. After an awkward dinner Margaret tells her parents they need to help William's family understand deaf culture. Margaret's parents agree and Abel signs a speech after dinner. William comes home from the war injured and stays with Margaret and her family for a few weeks until he is accepted into a university. They move out of Margaret's house and into a small university apartment. Margaret parents come to visit and see where she is living and are furious. They argue about how well William is providing for her and they leave. Margaret and her parents don't speak for a while until Margaret shows up at their house pregnant. Her parents begin to argue with her about how well William is providing for her and how responsible she is. Finally she tells them that she has been responsible her whole life as she has had to interpret the world for her parents since she was 5. She cries and leaves her parents, and goes to the church as Mr. Petrakis died a few months back and "talks" to him for a few hours before returning to William. Margaret gives birth to a son Marshal Bradley Anglin and her parents do not show. It is not until the Christening that her parents come at the very end almost missing it. Five years later Margaret's mother is retiring and the factory is throwing her a party. She stands in front of everyone and signs a speech about how the hearing and deaf are alike and should not be divided.

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