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Love Island (2015 TV series, series 6)
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original networkITV2
Series chronology
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The sixth series of Love Island began on 12 January 2020 on ITV2.[1] The series was announced on 24 July 2019 when it was confirmed that two series would air in 2020, it is also the first winter edition of the series.[2][3] Laura Whitmore is the new host for the series having taken over from Caroline Flack.[4][5] The series is narrated by Iain Stirling.


The first 10-second trailer for the series aired on 2 December 2019 featuring the tagline "Do one, winter". It was then followed by a full-length trailer released on 6 December 2019 which featured Caroline Flack.[6] On 17 December 2019, Flack announced that she would be standing down as host following allegations of assault towards her boyfriend.[4] On 20 December, it was announced that fellow TV presenter Laura Whitmore would be her replacement.[7] She also took the role of presenting Love Island: Aftersun, which for the first time aired every Monday after the main show rather than its usual Sunday slot.


For the first winter edition of the show, the Islanders will stay at the Midden Cottage, located in the "ultra-wealthy" Constantia suburb of Cape Town.[8]


The Islanders for the sixth series were released on 6 January 2020, just six days before the launch.[9] These include Eve and Jess Gale, who are the second set of twins to compete in the show following John and Tony Alberti in 2015.[10]

Islander Age Hometown Entered Status Ref
Callum Jones 23 Manchester Day 1 Participating [11]
Connagh Howard 27 Cardiff Day 5 Participating [12]
Connor Durman 25 Brighton Day 1 Participating [13]
Finley Tapp 20 Milton Keynes Day 5 Participating [14]
Jess Gale 20 Cambridge Day 1 Participating [15]
Leanne Amaning 22 London Day 1 Participating [16]
Mike Boateng 24 London Day 1 Participating [17]
Nas Majeed 23 London Day 1 Participating [18]
Paige Turley 22 West Lothian Day 1 Participating [19]
Shaughna Phillips 25 London Day 1 Participating [20]
Siânnise Fudge 25 Bristol Day 1 Participating [21]
Sophie Piper 21 Essex Day 1 Participating [22]
Eve Gale 20 Cambridge Day 1 Dumped (Day 6) [15]
Ollie Williams 23 Cornwall Day 1 Walked (Day 4) [23]


The couples were chosen shortly after the islanders enter the villa.

Day 1 Day 6 Final
Callum Shaughna Shaughna
Connagh Not in Villa Sophie
Connor Sophie Siânnise
Finley Not in Villa Paige
Jess N/A Nas
Leanne Mike Mike
Mike Leanne Leanne
Nas Siânnise Jess
Paige Ollie Finley
Shaughna Callum Callum
Siânnise Nas Connor
Sophie Connor Connagh
Eve N/A Dumped
(Day 6)
Ollie Paige Walked
(Day 4)
Notes 1


  • ^Note 1 : Eve and Jess arrived after the coupling on Day 1, but were told they would be able to steal boys for themselves on Day 2. Jess picked Mike, and Eve picked Callum.

Weekly summary[edit]

The main events in the Love Island villa are summarised in the table below.

Week 1 Entrances
  • On Day 1, Callum, Connor, Eve, Jess, Leanne, Mike, Nas, Ollie, Paige, Shaughna, Siânnise and Sophie entered the villa.
  • On Day 5, Connagh and Finley entered the villa.
  • On Day 1, the Islanders coupled up for the first time. After all of the girls entered, the boys were asked to choose a girl to pair up with. Leanne coupled up with Mike, Paige paired up with Ollie, Shaughna with Callum, Siânnise with Nas and Sophie with Connor.
  • On Day 2, Eve and Jess were each allowed to steal a boy from a couple. Eve chose Callum, whereas Jess chose Mike, leaving Leanne and Shaughna single.[24]
  • On Day 6, the islanders re-coupled. This time it was the boys who had to pick a girl to pair up with. Callum and Shaughna, and Mike and Leanne remained together, while Connagh chose Sophie, Connor picked Siânnise, Finley went with Paige, and Nas coupled with Jess. As Eve remained single, she was dumped from the island.
  • On Day 2, the girls and the boys competed against each other in "Spill the Tea", in which they had to guess which islander a fact was about. To make their guess they had to kiss that islander.[25]
  • On Day 6, the girls competed in a "Booty-camp" challenge where they had to take on an obstacle course then finish by kissing a boy of their choice. Siânnise won the challenge.
  • On Day 2, as the newest couples, Jess and Mike, and Eve and Callum went on a double date.
  • On Day 5, new Islanders Connagh and Finley were asked to choose two other Islanders to take on dates. Connagh chose Sophie and Shaughna, whilst Finley picked Siânnise and Paige.
  • On Day 4, Ollie decided to voluntarily leave the villa.[26]
  • On Day 6, Eve was dumped from the island after failing to couple up.


People have called for contestant Ollie Williams to be axed after pictures were obtained by The Sun showing the heir to the Lanhydrock estate in Cornwall posing next to animal corpses from endangered species in South Africa (the filming location of this series of Love Island). A representative of Williams claimed he is a "conservationist and worked with an anti-poaching unit in Mozambique" involved in the culling of sick animals, although according to Metro also reportedly the director of a hunting business known as Cornish Sporting Agency. In since-deleted images on his social media, Williams is seen posing with dead animals alongside his clients. It has lead to more rumours of a boycotting of Love Island, with a petition since being launched to remove Williams from the show.[27][28]

Regulator Ofcom received 272 complaints after the first airing, 231 of which regarding Williams inclusion on the show the producers formerly stating they have no intention of removing Williams and "refuse to back down to public" believing it will "blow over".[29][30]

Caroline Flack[edit]


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