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Love It or List It
Love it or list it Title.jpg
GenreReality renovations, upgrading
Created by
  • Maria Armstrong
  • Catherine Fogarty
Directed by
Narrated byJacqueline Hennessy
Theme music composerLou Pomanti
Country of origin
  • Canada
  • United States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons17
No. of episodes206 (List of episodes)
Executive producers
  • Maria Armstrong
  • Catherine Fogarty
ProducerMaria Armstrong
Production locations
Running time44 minutes
Production companyBig Coat Productions
Original network
Original releaseSeptember 8, 2008 (2008-09-08) –
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Love It or List It is a Canadian-American home design TV show currently airing on HGTV, W Network, and on OWN Canada, and is the original show in the Love it or List It franchise. The show is produced by Big Coat Productions and premiered as a primetime program on W Network on September 8, 2008, and has since aired on OWN Canada as well as HGTV in the United States. In September 2014, the show began filming in the United States in North Carolina.[1]

In September 2017, HGTV ordered 20 additional episodes of the program. The following season started airing in June 2018.[2] On February 4, 2019, HGTV announced a new order of 26 episodes for premiering season 15 on November 18, 2019.[3][4]


Every episode of Love It or List It follows the same format. A couple or family shows their current house to designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin. Hilary redesigns parts of the home based on the desires of the homeowners and their budget and she oversees the renovations and construction. David finds real estate listings that meet the homeowners' needs and budget to convince them to list their current house and buy a new one.[5]

Common challenges that Hilary faces include an inadequate budget to complete the entire request list from the homeowners, often due to discovery of unforeseen issues with the house that are uncovered during the renovation, such as lack of compliance with modern building codes. Common issues for David, meanwhile, depend on the homeowners' desires; for instance, the couple has children enrolled in the neighborhood school and they do not desire to change, or the potential house is too distant from family members or a workplace. Frequently, David will offer a house significantly outside his given budget, and the homeowners will consider it, or homeowners will outright increase his target; Hilary meets with much more resistance to requests for even small increases in the renovation budget.

After Hilary's renovation is complete, the homeowners are given a tour of their current home to see what she was able to accomplish. After the tour, David meets with them and hands them an evaluation of the home's current market value following the renovations. He will then remind the couple what they could have in one of the new homes they looked at and that they would not get that in their current home.

The homeowners then meet with Hilary and David, who pose a question to them: The homeowners must choose either to "Love It," meaning that they will continue to live in their current home with the renovations, or to "List It," meaning that they will buy one of the homes David showed them and sell their current home. At this stage, all else being equal Hilary is at a theoretical disadvantage: Although Hilary's renovations increase the attractiveness of her "Love It" option by improving the current home's livability, they simultaneously increase the attractiveness of David's "List It" option by increasing the current home's resale value and thereby decreasing the net cost of acquiring any given new home that he proposes. By contrast, David's efforts to maximize the attractiveness of his "List It" option do not provide Hilary any offsetting benefit increasing the attractiveness of her "Love It" option. Despite this disadvantage, as of the end of Season 9 Hilary leads by an overall tally of 90 "Love Its" against 64 "List Its."[6]

After a moment to deliberate, the homeowners reveal their decision and explain their reasoning to Hilary and David. If the homeowners decide to "List It," Hilary generally reacts with equanimity and expresses a desire for their best interest, whereas if they decide to "Love It," David frequently reacts with feigned incredulity, questioning their reasoning and/or giving at least the impression of taking their decision personally. The parties then bid each other farewell, with closing footage of Hilary and David continuing to react and occasionally continuing their bout of one-upmanship.

Host and crew[edit]


  • Hilary Farr – Hilary Farr is a home designer from Toronto, Ontario. She has lived in Australia, England, California, and New York City. Farr honed her skills on properties in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, New York and Toronto. When she first moved back to Toronto, she became the first designer to "stage" properties for sale. She continues to build and design homes in the downtown core where she herself owns properties.[7]
  • David Visentin – David Visentin is a real estate agent in Southern Ontario with Country Living Realty Limited. He has been practicing since 1987.[8]

Assistant Designer

  • Desta Ostapyk (Canadian episodes) – Desta is a Toronto-based designer who graduated in 2004 from the Toronto International Academy of Design and Technology in Interior Design, and has since focused on a career in the Television Industry. She first started working with Big Coat Productions during her last semester of school as an intern for HGTV's hit series My Parents House. She soon became the Design Stylist for the show.[9]


  • Eric Eremita (North Carolina episodes) – General contractor and designer Eric Eremita was selected to be the one and only general contractor on HGTV's Love It or List It U.S. version, after the network took notice of him when he competed in its Brother vs. Brother reality show.
  • Eddie Richardson (Canadian episodes) – Eddie Richardson was a contractor on Love It or List It who started his own family business. Richardson has also been a pro-beach volleyball player and professional bass fisherman.
  • Fergus McLaren (Canadian episodes) – Fergus McLaren started up his own construction company, R-Mac Solutions, 10 years ago.

Behind the Scenes

  • Architect: Simon West
  • Senior Production Coordinator: Linda Johnstone
  • Construction Coordinator: David Violante
  • Construction Assistants: Chris Blinn, Adam Dalgarno, Ahren Mrowietz, Dale George
  • Design Coordinator: Kaaveh Shoman


Season Start date End date Episodes Hilary wins David wins
1 September 8, 2008 January 5, 2009 12 9 3
2 April 6, 2009 December 7, 2009 18 10 8
3 May 3, 2010 November 8, 2010 21 9 12
4 March 14, 2011 November 11, 2011 19 12 7
5 February 20, 2012 November 19, 2012 18 10 8
6 January 19, 2013 July 1, 2013 14 8 6
7 January 8, 2014 April 9, 2014 14 11 3
8 September 8, 2014 January 19, 2015 16 8 8
9 March 9, 2015 December 7, 2015 22 13 9
Total 154 90 64

Victories for Hilary are families or clients who decided to love their home and stay. Victories for David are families and clients who decided to list and move into a new or better home.


Love It or List It has spawned five spinoffs. The first,[10] known as Love It or List It Vancouver (or Love it or List it Too in the US), was launched in winter 2012 and is hosted by Jillian Harris and Todd Talbot. The second spin-off, a British version known as Love It or List It UK, debuted in 2015,[11] is hosted by Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer. The third spin off, Love It or List It Vacation Homes[12] debuted in spring 2016 and is hosted by Dan Vickery and Elisa Goldhawke. A fourth spin off, Vendre ou renover au Quebec debuted in January 2017 and is hosted by Maika Desnoyers and Daniel Corbin.[13] The fifth spin off, Love It Or List It Australia, debuted in September 2017 and is hosted by Andrew Winter and Neale Whittaker.[14]

International syndication[edit]

Country / Region Name Television Network Dubbing / Subtitles
Australia Love It or List It Lifestyle Home N/A
Canada Love It or List It W Network N/A
United States Love It or List It HGTV[15] N/A
Spain Tu casa a juicio Divinity Spanish
Brazil Ame-a ou Deixe-a Discovery Home & Health Portuguese
Latin America Vívala o Vendala Discovery Home & Health Spanish
Norway Bolighjelpen TV 2 (Norway) Norwegian
Bulgaria Podnovi ili proday Fox Life (Bulgaria) Bulgarian
Italy Prendere o lasciare Cielo dubbed in Italian
Croatia Obožavaj ili Prodaj FoxTV Croatian
Poland Pokochaj lub sprzedaj WP lector
United Kingdom Love It or List It Channel 4 English
Portugal Love it or List it Vancouver SIC Mulher Portuguese
Finland Remppa vai muutto Nelonen Finnish


On August 31, 2010, Love It or List It was nominated for two Gemini Awards: Best Reality Program or Series and Best Direction in a Reality Program or Series. When HGTV premiered the show on the network, the company stated that Love It or List It has been the highest rating reality series since Candice Olson's Candice Tells All.[16]

In 2012, New York Times' columnist Gail Collins noted that it was US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's favorite TV show.[17][18] According to Collins, Clinton finds the show "very calming"[19] after being interviewed about her departure from politics.[20][21][22]

In a 2013 interview with Las Vegas Magazine, Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune said it was one of her favorite HGTV programs.[23] Actress Julianne Moore also gave similar praise for the show in an interview with Katie Couric.[24]

According to the Wall Street Journal, the show and its Vancouver spinoff is one of Canada's beloved reality series.[25]

The show has also been referenced in various television sitcoms and films including ABC's The Middle, CBS's Mom and Rebel Wilson's 2019 film Isn't It Romantic.


In April 2016, homeowners Deanna Murphy and Tim Sullivan who had participated in a 2015 Love It or List It episode filed suit against production company Big Coat TV, as well as the North Carolina contractor (Aaron Fitz Construction)[26] who had been hired by the show to do the renovations on their home. The couple alleges that the renovation funds that they provided were not properly disbursed, and that the work on their home was done to a substandard quality.[27] Moreover, the lawsuit states that the television personalities on the show do not play an active role in the renovation process, and that they were not shown homes on the market by any licensed North Carolina real estate agent. Big Coat TV has commented that they "do intend to vigorously defend what [they] consider to be false allegations."[28]

The suit was settled in April 2017.[29] The plaintiffs had signed a confidentiality agreement; their lawyer would not comment on the settlement.[30] Big Coat had previously filed a countersuit for libel, slander and product disparagement; parts of that suit had been dismissed by the time of the settlement but that was under appeal by Big Coat. After the agreements had been concluded, both suits were dismissed.[31]


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