Love Junkies (manga)

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Love Junkies
(Renai Junkie)
Genre Adult, Comedy, Drama, Mature
Written by Kyo Hatsuki
Published by Akita Shoten
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Young Champion
Original run 20002009
Volumes 26
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Love Junkies (恋愛ジャンキー?) is an hentai comedy manga written and illustrated by Kyo Hatsuki. It is serialised in Akita Shoten's seinen magazine, for adult men, Young Champion. The manga is licensed in France by Taifu Comics,[1] in Spain by Norma Editorial[2] and in Brazil by Editora JBC.[3] All publishers other than Akita Shoten release the manga as Love Junkies.


Sakibara Eitaro is a 22 year old virgin. He's desperately trying to get laid - and that happens right at the beginning of the story with a girl named Maiko.

After that, Eitaro's relationship with girls change suddenly: he starts feeling more secure of himself and sex, and meet lots of girls. Three of these girls will have a very important part on his life (Ninomiya Emu, Ide Miho and Jii Shinako) and his love adventures revolves around those and other women.


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