Love Me, Love My Mouse

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Love Me, Love My Mouse
Love Me Love My Mouse.jpg
Title Card
Directed byChuck Jones
Ben Washam
Produced byChuck Jones
Les Goldman
Story byMichael Maltese
Music byEugene Poddany
Animation byBen Washam
Philip Roman
Don Towsley
Dick Thompson
Layouts byRobert Givens
Backgrounds byRobert Inman
Color processMetrocolor
Distributed byMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date
  • April 28, 1966 (1966-04-28)
Running time

Love Me, Love My Mouse is a 1966 Tom and Jerry short produced by Chuck Jones and directed by him and Ben Washam. The title's a pun on the phrase "Love me, love my dog". It's the first short animated by Philip Roman, and is one of the few where Tom wins against Jerry.


Tom, in love with Toots, goes to her house, carrying Jerry in a ring box to woo her. Tom presents Jerry to his love interest, but Jerry pretends to be frightened of Tom and cuddles up with Toots, who instantly sympathizes with him, taking sides with the mouse.

Later, Jerry waves Tom and then aims to gain more sympathy from Toots by framing Tom to jumping into his mouth repeatedly in three times and Toots coming to Jerry's rescue. And later, Tom tells Toots that he wasn't even trying to eat Jerry but she refuses to listen to him and smash the door with his hand before Jerry laughs with him, causing an angry Tom to grab Jerry and attempts to drop a concrete block on him and flatten him, but mad Toots interferes and causes Tom to drop the block on himself.

The next morning, Toots is putting baby powder on Jerry while a bandaged Tom hobbles to the table. Toots kisses Jerry, but while doing so, she soon finds that in addition to being quite adorable, Jerry is also quite tasty. She suddenly has a change of heart and decides to eat Jerry, now taking sides with Tom, who reacts with joy. Toots blows a kiss to Tom (as though to thank him for giving her Jerry, after all), and prepares to kill and eat Jerry. But Jerry, now seeing that Toots is no longer on his side and deciding that pretending to be frightened of Tom was a bad idea, escapes to the door. The now-evil Toots chases after him with a fork, a knife and a napkin tied around her neck while Tom limps out and slowly follows her.


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