Love Me Now or Love Me Later

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"Love Me Now or Love Me Later"
Song by Marvin Gaye from the album In Our Lifetime
Released 1981
Recorded 1980, Air Studios, London, England
Genre Soul
Length 5:00
Label Tamla
Producer(s) Marvin Gaye

"Love Me Now or Love Me Later" is a 1980 song recorded by singer Marvin Gaye, who issued it on his final Motown release, In Our Lifetime, in 1981. The song talked of a conversation between two Lords: "The Good Lord" and "The Evil Lord" in which after creating Earth brings upon man and have a heated discussion over what to do with him. The "evil Lord" wants control of the man while "the good Lord" insists on sharing him equally giving him the reason for love and understanding. When the man, presumably Marvin, messes up, the "evil Lord" fusses that he shouldn't have allowed "the good Lord" to "give him reasons" telling the man in question that he's "got what the soul desires for mankind's flesh" while the "good Lord" tells the man "you can listen to me/I gave you reason for (love and life)". This explains the cover of the album which depicts "the Good Lord" and "the Evil Lord" as clones of Marvin discussing over a table and is probably considered as the album's centerpiece. In the album's alternate version, cut from Odyssey Studios, found the singer reciting a prayer at the end of the song. The song's musical background was used for an earlier recording, 1979's "Just Because You're So Pretty" for Marvin's aborted Love Man album.


  • All vocals, drums, keyboards and synthesizers by Marvin Gaye
  • Bass by Frank Blair
  • Guitar played by Gordon Banks