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Love Music Hate Racism concert in northwest England in 2004.

Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) is a music-oriented campaign based in Britain. The campaign involves concerts aimed at spreading an anti-racist message. It follows in the tradition of the 1970s Rock Against Racism (RAR) campaign.


LMHR was set up in 2002 in response to the perceived increase in support for the far right.[1] The first big LMHR concert was a festival in Manchester’s Platt Fields Park, headlined by Doves and Ms. Dynamite.

Over the years it has gained the support of several acts in the UK of varying genres, including rock acts like Pete Doherty[2] and Blood Red Shoes,[3] grime acts like Roll Deep[4] and Lowkey,[5] punk rock acts like the King Blues, and jazz musicians like Courtney Pine.

In October 2007, popularity for the group dramatically increased following a big campaign in the music magazine, NME.[6] In December 2007, the campaign announced that it would mark the 30th anniversary of the RAR/ANL carnival and procession with a similar event in Victoria Park on 27 April 2008.[7]


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