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Love Myself
BTS Love Myself Logo.png
FormationNovember 1, 2017; 15 months ago (2017-11-01)
Founded atSouth Korea
Key people
BTS, UNICEF (Korea and Japan)

Love Myself (stylised as LOVE MYSELF) is a two-year, anti-violence campaign launched on November 1, 2017 by South Korean boy band BTS in partnership with the Korean and Japan Committee for UNICEF.[1][2][3] The campaign idea was introduced by the group as a sponsorship to #ENDviolence, a UNICEF global campaign aimed at the protection of young people so they can live without the fear of violence,[4] and promotes the hashtag – #BTSLoveMyself, which asks fans and supporters to post self-loving photos with the hashtag to different social media platforms.[5]

Love Myself made BTS the first artist in South Korea to raise funds as part of a social fund for global campaigns.[6]


BTS' discography focuses heavily on themes such as mental health issues, suicide, nihilism, the K-pop idol system, and female empowerment. In September 2017, their fifth extended play, Love Yourself: Her, which featured themes of love, loss, friendship, and death, was released. As with past EPs and albums, BTS continued to promote social messages in the new songs.[7][8]

BTS and their label, Big Hit Entertainment, started working on the campaign in early 2017 and hoped to help with their social influence in action.[9] In November 2017, BTS and the Korean Committee for UNICEF announced their partnership, supporting both their Love Myself campaign and UNICEF's #ENDviolence campaign.[10] Since then, BTS began promoting the campaign and raising the Love Myself funds. Official merchandise for the campaign was released and made available for purchase through BTS' online store.[11]

In January 2018, BTS introduced donation platforms in collaboration with KakaoTalk as well as official stickers for the campaign.[12][13]

In June 2018, BTS and the Japan Committee for UNICEF announced their partnership in the partnership agreement ceremony held in Tokyo, Japan.[14]

In September 2018, BTS delivered a speech about the "Love Myself" campaign in the United Nations General Assembly.[15] RM spoke behalf of the group, with the other members behind him.[16]


As of January 17, 2018, global accumulated funds received for the campaign totaled around 106 million KRW. Overall, around KR₩ 606 million was raised.[17] The #BTSLoveMyself hashtag has been used across social media over 2 million times.[18] In November 2018 it was announced that over KR₩ 1.6 billion had been raised by the organization, or $1.4 million USD.[19]


The campaign is funded in the following ways:[20][21][1]

  • KR₩ 500 million donated by Big Hit Entertainment and the seven members of BTS
  • 3% of all income from physical album sales of the Love Yourself series, including Love Yourself: Her, Love Yourself: Tear and Love Yourself: Answer
  • 100% of all sales of official Love Myself campaign goods
  • Part of the income from the sales of official KakaoTalk Give-ticon and LINE stickers for the Love Myself campaign[13][22][23]
  • Kakao’s contribution platform “Together Value with Kakao”[24]
  • Naver’s online donation platform “Happy Bean”[25]
  • Donations received through donation desks installed by UNICEF

The proceeds will be used to support young victims of school violence, domestic violence and sexual assault around the world. As well as education programs for local communities to aid violence prevention.


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