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Love Romances is a comic book title originally published by Atlas Comics beginning in 1948 and later by Marvel Comics until 1963.

Publication history[edit]

The title began publication as Ideal #1–5 (July 1948 - March 1949) until issue #6 (May 1949) when it was changed to Love Romances and continued until issue #106 (July 1963).

The title featured art from comics industry notables such as Larry Lieber,[1] Don Heck,[2] Vince Colletta,[3] Christopher Rule,[4] and Jay Scott Pike,[5] and stories from writers such as Hank Chapman.[6]

Coletta's earliest confirmed Atlas romance art was the six-page story "My Love for You" in Love Romances #37 (March 1954).[7] Pike's final Atlas/Marvel works were the six-page story "When a Romance Ends" in Love Romances #87 (May 1960), and the five-page "Love or Infatuation?", written by Stan Lee,[8] years later in issue #105 (May 1963).[5]


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