Love Songs (Babyface album)

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Love Songs
Love Songs (Babyface album) coverart.jpg
Compilation album by Babyface
Released August 7, 2001
Genre R&B
Label Sony Music
Babyface chronology
A Collection of His Greatest Hits
Love Songs

Love Songs is a compilation album by R&B artist, Babyface that contains songs from his first four studio albums: Lovers (1986), Tender Lover (1989), For the Cool in You (1993), The Day (1996).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I Said I Love You"
  2. "All Day Thinkin'"
  3. "This Is for the Lover in You" - Babyface, LL Cool J
  4. "Lady, Lady"
  5. "For the Cool in You"
  6. "A Bit Old Fashioned"
  7. "Never Keeping Secrets"
  8. "When Can I See You"
  9. "Whip Appeal"
  10. "Soon as I Get Home"
  11. "Given a Chance"
  12. "Sunshine"
  13. "Every Time I Close My Eyes" - Babyface, Kenny G, Mariah Carey
  14. "When Your Body Gets Weak"
  15. "Lovers"
  16. "You Make Me Feel Brand New"