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Love Tyrant
Renai Bōkun volume 1 cover.jpg
Cover of Ren'ai Bōkun volume 1 by Aplix featuring Guri
(Ren'ai Bōkun)
Genre Romantic comedy[1]
Written by Megane Mihoshi
Published by Holp Shuppan
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Comic Meteor
Original run 2012 – present
Volumes 13
Anime television series
Directed by Atsushi Nigorikawa
Produced by Takaya Ibira
Hirohiko Kanbe
Hiroyuki Tanaka
Migaku Sugita
Yousuke Takabayashi
Sōji Miyagi
Shunsuke Matsumura
Written by Natsuko Takahashi
Music by Monaca
Studio EMT Squared
Licensed by
Original network TV Tokyo, AT-X, BS Japan
Original run April 6, 2017 June 22, 2017
Episodes 12
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Love Tyrant (恋愛暴君, lit. Ren'ai Bōkun), also known as The Very Lovely Tyrant of Love, is a Japanese comedy manga series by Megane Mihoshi, serialized online since 2012 in Aplix's Comic Meteor website. It has been collected in seven tankōbon volumes. An anime adaptation was announced[1] and aired from April 6, 2017[2][3] to June 22, 2017.


A Kiss Note is a powerful notebook that makes anyone who has their name written together instantly fall in love if they kiss each other regardless of any circumstances. This magical and very familiar item belongs to an angel named Guri whose job as cupid is to create couples. However, she accidentally writes down Seiji Aino, a regular high school student, and unless he kisses someone, Guri will die. She convinces Seiji to go kiss his crush, Akane Hiyama, the school's popular girl, who turns out to harbor even stronger feelings for him, bordering on obsessive and psychotic. Eventually. Akane and Seiji come together, but not before Guri decides that she likes Seiji as well. What seems awesome to most guys becomes hell for Seiji, who just wants a normal relationship with girls.


Seiji Aino (藍野 青司, Aino Seiji)
Voiced by: Kenshō Ono[4] (Japanese); Austin Tindle[5] (English)
The main protagonist of the series. He encountered Guri when she appeared at his front door, cosplaying as a shinigami She then told him that his name was written in the Kiss Note and if he didn't kiss someone within the next 24 hours, she would die and he would remain a virgin for life. He eventually reveals his crush for Akane, only to find out her yandere tendencies. Seiji is a more-or-less level headed individual, trying to please all the women around him without hurting them. He, like all the others except for Guri, are minor angels as Guri made them all into a relationship together. As a result, they are all effectively immortal (But they still feel pain) and if Guri fails to do her job all the people connected to her this way will cease to exist altogether.
Guri (グリ)
Voiced by: Yoshino Aoyama[4] (Japanese); Jad Saxton[5] (English)
An Angel/Cupid. The literal child of God and the former Lord of Hell, Mavuro. Due to this, Guri has the natural tendency to "fall" easier than most angels. She often treats her duty as a Cupid like a joke, forming almost exclusively gay couples due to her love for male romance. However also due to this she goes over her quota for couples to be formed per month. Despite being a Cupid, she doesn't understand the concept of Love. In fact, the reason she is a cupid is that her father wanted her to try to understand what love is, as that is one requirement for becoming God (God must love everyone). Eventually, she starts to recognize certain emotions when she is with Seiji, finally discovering she is in love.
Akane Hiyama (緋山 茜, Hiyama Akane)
Voiced by: Manami Numakura[4] (Japanese); Amber Lee Connors[5] (English)
The Class Idol of Seiji's school. Seiji initially had a crush on her prior to the start of the series, but failed to act on such emotions out of the belief that she is out of his league. Upon discovering this, Guri decides to use her as Seiji's lover so that she will not die due to the effects of the Kiss Note. However, Akane approaches him which startles Seiji causing him to reveal his kiss to Guri. This causes Akane to fly into a psychotic rage, as she had noticed his "loving stares" and eventually developed feelings for him as well. She begins to accuse him of cheating with her and then stabs Guri in the head, then revealing her immortality. Eventually Guri gets the two to kiss, calming Akane down briefly before aggravating her again by revealing that she added her own name as well. While she does often attack Seiji (mostly for comic relief), she does truly love him. Akane has a habit of pulling out endless number of kukri knives hidden in her clothes to fight. She gets extremely violent (sometimes by unconscious reflex) should anyone try and steal Seiji from her, especially Guri and Shikimi.
Yuzu Kichougasaki (黄蝶ヶ崎 袖, Kichōgasaki Yuzu)
Voiced by: Yūki Nagano[4] (Japanese); Monica Rial[5] (English)
Younger half-sister of Akane, sharing the same father. She is in love with Akane, both as a sister and as a woman, although she later also develops some feelings for Seiji. Immensely protective of her sister, Yuzu often stalks Akane wherever she goes (which Akane is fully aware of and pays no mind to). She becomes good friends with Guri and Seiji, despite an initial rocky start. Yuzu is also added into their harem, when Guri adds her name in the Kiss Note to Akane and Seiji's anger. Yuzu possesses the ability to conjure a powerful (yet unexplained) defensive barrier that can defend her from everything between Akane's knives to an oncoming truck. Due to her barrier ability, Yuzu found it difficult to make friends in her youth as her peers feared her for it. Guri becomes fast friends with her, however, after complimenting her ability as cool and later sharing her love for male romance with Yuzu.
Shikimi Shiramine (白峰 樒, Shiramine Shikimi)
Voiced by: Yumi Hara[4] (Japanese); Felecia Angelle[5] (English)
The sadistic, hollow, and manipulative cousin of both Akane and Yuzu. Shikimi decides to enter Seiji's school in disguise upon discovering his relationship with Akane and Yuzu. She requests that Guri add her to his harem for the sole reason of gaining the immortality/divine protection due to being partnered to Guri. However, Guri rejects the request because she could tell there was no actual love in her for Seiji. Shikimi's favorite hobby is "afflicting people", as it's what brings her joy more than anything else. A running gag in the series is that Shikimi often angers Akane with her attempts to seduce or kiss Seiji.
Aqua Aino (藍野 あくあ, Aino Akua)
Voiced by: Rie Takahashi[6] (Japanese); Madeleine Morris[5] (English)
Seiji's tomboyish younger sister. During their childhood together, Aqua was originally far more girly than her present age. She began to change herself however when Seiji began spending less and less time with her in order to get his attention back. Despite this, Seiji failed to notice her to the point where it developed into animosity against Seiji, much to his confusion. Upon discovering Seiji's newfound harem, her discontent grows further (as she would rather have him to herself). Aqua tends to injure Seiji whenever she is irritated with how ignorant Seiji is about her emotions.
Korari (コラリ)
Voiced by: Nobuyuki Hiyama[6] (Japanese); Sonny Strait[5] (English)
Guri's boss, a higher level angel who monitors the activities of Cupids under his jurisdiction. Unlike other angels, Korari usually does not take a physical form on Earth, and often uses the Aino family's pet cat Blue as a vessel since his introduction. Korari states that he has absolutely no understanding of the Human concept of Love, and has a tendency to refer to humans as lower level beings compared to himself. Korari has a habit of being very vain about his appearance, especially when he uses his true form. A running gag in the series is that despite Korari's assertion that his form is beautiful, most people find him scary instead and are unable to look directly at him. The only exception is Aqua when she sees his true form for the first time, calling it beautiful to the shock of Seiji and the joy of Korari, but his cat form still scares her off.
Kamisama (神様)
Voiced by: Hōchū Ōtsuka[6] (Japanese); Barry Yandell[5] (English)
The current God, also Guri's father. Despite being the highest authority in Heaven, he often slacks off and uses his special television set to view events on earth freely. Has a habit of doting on his daughter and spying on her via his TV. He gives Seiji the mission to teach Guri about love so she can be a proper cupid and eventual God. He claims his wife left him due to loving all beings equally as his job demands.
Maou (魔王)
Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu[6] (Japanese); J. Michael Tatum[5] (English)
The current lord of Hell. Originally, Hell was ruled by Mavuro (Guri's mother), his predecessor until she left after conceiving Guri. He has an inferiority complex, and considers himself unfit to rule Hell. Despite his pleas that Mavuro remain as the Devil Lord, he fails to convince her before she disappears. This causes him to turn to Guri as a potential successor since she is Mavuro's daughter and seek to drag her down to Hell by any means to accomplish this.
Tarō Tsuruoka (鶴岡 太郎, Tsuruoka Tarō)
Voiced by: Yasuaki Takumi[6]
Yuzu's personal attendant and chauffeur assigned to her by her mother, Ameisha. Despite the fact that he is supposed to report on Yuzu's actions to her mother, he often is forced into helping Yuzu stalk Akane. Tsuruoka tends to be very paranoid and prone to panicking over failing to do his job lest he face cruel punishment from Yuzu's mother.
Stolas (ストラス, Sutorasu)
Voiced by: Kenyu Horiuchi[6]
Known by the public in Seiji's hometown as "Stolas the Demon". A sociopathic anthropomorphic penguin with violent tendencies, Stolas bears a disturbing obsession with Seiji's younger sister Aqua, intending to mate with her. He attacked the two as children but was locked in a cage until he broke out years later to chase down Aqua once more. Stolas doesn't necessarily speak per-se, it's just implied that based off Stolas' eyes what he may be saying.
Stolas eventually develops an enmity with Korari for Aqua, being defeated by both after Aqua overcomes her fear of him. He returns, being modified by a scientist who gave him a robotic armor and intended to use him as a weapon to destroy couples. This backfired when Stolas recognized Aqua and reassumed his lustful agenda on his own, forcing Korari to fight him once more, and in a final clash uses his divine powers to purify his wicked desires, turning Stolas into a normal penguin. After being returned to the Aquarium he's matched with a male penguin by Guri.
Tiara (天亞薇, Teiara)
Voiced by: Eri Kitamura (Japanese); Jamie Marchi (English)
Mavro (マヴロ)
Voiced by: Yukari Tamura (Japanese); Bryn Apprill[7] (English)
Guri's mother.
Suo Hiyama (緋山 蘇芳, Hiyama Suō)
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara (Japanese); Colleen Clinkenbeard[5] (English)
Akane's mother and the Matriarch of the Hiyama assassin clan. Often described as a beautiful yet emotionless woman, Suo fell in love with the same man as Ameisha did. Despite the three-way relationship doing well for some time, when their shared lover disappeared she buried herself in the affairs of her family business out of despair. Like her daughter Akane, Suo keeps a large stash of katanas hidden in her Yukata and is very proficient with them.
Ameisha Kichougasaki (黄蝶ヶ崎 アメイシャ, Kichōgasaki Ameisha)
Voiced by: Rina Satou (Japanese); Caitlin Glass (English)
Yuzu's mother and the Matriarch of the Kichougasaki clan. In contrast to the Hiyamas, the Kichougasaki clan specializes in guard detail. Ameisha, the Matriarch can only be described as the exact opposite of Suo. Loud, emotional, and far less conservative in dress, she clashes heavily with the stoic Suo. After their shared lover disappeared, Ameisha was hardly fazed by the event, instead choosing to move on without worrying. Ameisha, like her daughter, possesses a similar barrier ability yet with more advanced capabilities such as creating shock-waves.



No.Release date ISBN
1 March 12, 2013[8]ISBN 978-4593857258
2 April 12, 2013[9]ISBN 978-4593857289
3 August 12, 2013[10]ISBN 978-4593857487
4 January 11, 2014[11]ISBN 978-4593857661
5 June 12, 2014[12]ISBN 978-4593857821
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7 May 12, 2015[14]ISBN 978-4593858040
8 December 10, 2015[15]ISBN 978-4593858217
9 August 9, 2016[16]ISBN 978-4593858392
10 December 9, 2016[17]ISBN 978-4593858491
11 April 11, 2017[18]ISBN 978-4593858583


The anime is directed by Atsushi Nigorikawa at studio EMT Squared with scripts written by Natsuko Takahashi and Monaca composed the music. The series premiered on April 6, 2017[3] on TV Tokyo, BS Japan and other channels[4] and finished on June 22, 2017. Crunchyroll streamed the series.[19] The series is licensed by Funimation in North America.[20]

No. Title[a] Original air date[21]
1 "I'm Getting In on This, Too x Whoa! Forbidden Love?!"
"Watashi mo, Sansen Shimasu × Hoā!! Kindan no Ai Desu ka!!" (私も、参戦します × ほぁー!! 禁断の愛ですか!!) 
April 6, 2017
A strange girl named Guri arrives at the house of Seiji Aino with a notebook called the "Kiss Note," which has the power to cause love between people. She claims that if Seiji does not kiss someone within 24 hours, he will remain a virgin forever, which Seiji misunderstands so he kisses her instead. The next day, Seiji's crush, Akane Hiyama becomes jealous of Seiji and Guri's apparent relationship, and attempts to murder them both with Gurkha knives. The two eventually make-up, with Guri revealing her status as a cupid from heaven, and pairing them together with the Kiss Note, but not without including herself into the harem. Later, Guri's boss, Korari possesses the body of Seiji's cat, and informs Seiji that as he and Akane are technically in a relationship with Guri they have become immortal and must help her complete her duties as a cupid or risk being sent to hell. At school, a mysterious girl steals the Kiss Note, and is later revealed to be Yuzu Kichougasaki, Akane's younger half-sister, who has magical telekinetic powers and also happens to be obsessed with Akane. Yuzu is ultimately incorporated into Seiji's harem by Guri as well. 
2 "Sniff Sniff x The Only One Who May Hurt Seiji-kun... Is Me"
"Kunsuka-kunsuka × Seiji-kun o Kizutsukete mo Ii no wa... Watashi Dake na no" (くんすかくんすか × 青司くんを傷つけてもいいのは・・・・私だけなの) 
April 13, 2017
Akane meets Seiji's sister, Aqua. Guri and Yuzu use the Kiss Note to pair up random students so Seiji confiscates the Kiss Note. One of their teachers Mr Kusunoke, is in love with one of their classmates, Mari. The girls decide to find out if the two would make a good couple, despite being a teacher and student. Mari claims to think of Mr Kusunoke as a little brother. Guri plans to fake taking Mari hostage so Mr Kusunoke can rescue her, however real criminals take both Mari and Guri hostage and Seiji is shot protecting Yuzu, causing her to develop feelings for him. Mr Kusunoke tries to protect Mari but is too weak to be of help. When Akane realises the criminals shot Seiji she beats them violently. Mr Kusunoke tells Mari that to confess his love would be inappropriate and will wait until she is no longer his student. Mari reveals she feels the same way but had likewise been waiting to tell him. She also privately tells Seiji that she loved Mr Kusunoke first and secretly manipulated him into falling in love with her. Aqua jealously watches Seiji with the girls. 
3 "I Can Handle This Myself! x Wassup"
"Watashi Hitori de Nantoka Dekiru! × Chorīssu" (私一人でなんとか出来る! × チョリーッス) 
April 20, 2017
Aqua learns her brother has 3 girlfriends and punishes him. Yuzu attempts to befriend Aqua but Aqua accidentally reveals her own feelings for Seiji. They are approached by Stolas, a demonic penguin obsessed with Aqua. Seiji saves Aqua while Stolas is arrested. Guri and Seiji observe an argument between a man and the women he was cheating on. Seiji gets pulled into the fight and the Kiss Note is burned. Korari admits that as no Kiss Note has ever been destroyed before no one knows what will happen. After Akane ignores Seiji it is concluded that all the couples brought together by the Kiss Note will break up, including Seiji and the girls. They are approached by Tiara, another cupid and friend of Guri's who shows them all the other couples are still together. She gives Guri her own Kiss Note as a replacement as she is retiring due to being pregnant. Akane appears, angry that Seiji had not chased after her like she wanted and kisses him before stabbing him. Fortunately Guri re-enters their names in her new Kiss Note, restoring their harem and immortality just in time. A pink haired girl in glasses watches them. 
4 "I'm Not Going to Lose! x Are You Like Me?"
"Zettai Makemasen kara! × Moshimashite o Nakama Desu ka?" (絶対負けませんから! × もしかしてお仲間ですか?) 
April 27, 2017
As a child Yuzu's mother orders her to stay away from Akane. Guri learns Yuzu skips school so she can stalk Akane. Akane admits she knows Yuzu stalks her and tells Yuzu to attend school since she has Seiji to protect her, which upsets Yuzu who runs away. Yuzu defends herself from a pervert and falls into the water until Seiji rescues her. Yuzu admits that she hates herself because Akane fell in love with him instead of her and swears to one day win Akane's heart. A girl named Shikimi approaches Seiji and Guri for help with her crush. Guri is unable to write the crushes name in the Kiss Note as Shikimi does not know his name. Seiji ends up alone with Shikimi and accidentally reveals that he and the girls are immortal. Guri realises her Kiss Note is missing. Shikimi lures Seiji away and kidnaps him, revealing that she is actually the pink haired girl from episode 3, a sadistic psychopath who has stolen the Kiss Note and tortures Seiji to find out how Guri grants immortality. Guri tells Yuzu and Akane Shikimi's name, which terrifies Yuzu and further enrages the already violently jealous Akane. 
5 "What Is Love? x Kami Is Prostrating Himself Now lolol"
"'Ai' tte Nani ka Nyā × Kami Dogeza Nau ww" ('愛' って何かにゃー × 神土下座なうww) 
May 4, 2017
Akane reveals that Shikimi is her and Yuzu's cousin. Shikimi restrains Akane and threatens to kill Seiji to hurt Akane. Guri appears and Shikimi tries to manipulate her into letting her join the harem. Guri refuses as she can sense Shikimi's heart is devoid of love. Shikimi receives a call from Akane's mother and leaves but swears to one day join their harem. Seiji suddenly dies and goes to Heaven where Korari informs him he is to meet with God, a middle aged geezer named Kamisama, who is also Guri's father and spends his time keeping tabs on Guri via a television in his room. Kamisama explains that as Guri is his only child she will one day replace him as God so he insists Seiji teach Guri about true love since Guri still doesn't understand anything about it. Their meeting is interrupted by Maou, the current ruler of Hell who is determined to make Guri work for him as a demon. Seiji claims Guri wouldn't be interested as she is too free spirited. Kamisama and Maou agree Guri is still too immature and Seiji is returned to earth to teach Guri all he can about love. 
6 "Go to the Beach With Me? x It's Not a Matter of Knowing or Not"
"Issho ni Umi ni Ikanai ka? × Wakaru Wakaranai no Mondai ja Nai Desho" (一緒に海に行かないか? × わかるわからないの問題じゃないでしょ) 
May 11, 2017
Seiji invites his sister and the girls to the beach. At the beach Guri throws a volleyball into Akane’s cleavage beginning a volleyball war. Seiji realises Shikimi has followed them. Shikimi blames Seiji for making Akane weak and explains that Akane’s family are magical spear users while Yuzu’s are magical shield bearers and the two families are in the middle of a feud started by Akane and Yuzu’s mothers over Akane and Yuzu’s father. Shikimi is convinced Akane is too weak to survive the feud. This is proven true as Akane fights Stolas, who has returned for Aqua, and is badly injured. At school everyone attempts to help a couple prove their love by hunting ghosts. However it turns out the couple were also ghosts who had fallen in love but other jealous ghosts had refused to let them go to heaven until they proved their love. After helping the ghosts Akane asks Guri if she truly loves Seiji, and if she doesn’t, to leave Seiji alone as she would just be getting in the way of Seiji’s happiness. Guri is left troubled by her own feelings. 
7 "It's a Festival x How Did It Come to This?!"
"Omatsuri jā × Dōshite Kō Natta~!!" (お祭りじゃーい×どうしてこうなったぁ!!) 
May 18, 2017
Guri becomes angry when Seiji refuses to go to a festival with her. Guri is approached by a boy who asks her on a date. Guri constantly compares Seiji with the boy who is much nicer. At the festival the boy tries to kiss her, only to be rejected as Guri cannot stop thinking about Seiji. She then bumps into Seiji who came to the festival to stop her complaining. Despite his bad qualities she kisses him after realising she is happiest when they are together. The boy is revealed to have been under mind control by Maou to see if he could ruin Guri and Seiji’s relationship. Akane’s mother, who believes love leads to weakness, orders Akane to break up with Seiji. Seiji is attacked by assassins but Aqua saves him. Seemingly imprisoned Akane recalls her childhood, the first time she met Seiji and how she eventually fell in love with him. Shikimi tells Seiji the assassins work for Akane’s mother and she has locked Akane up in the family home as punishment for falling in love. Following Shikimi’s urging Seiji, Aqua, Yuzu and Guri decide to help rescue Akane. 
8 "Farewell x We're Rivals, Obviously!!"
"Sayonara × Koigataki (Raibaru) Desho!!" (さよなら × 恋敵(ライバル)でしょ!!) 
May 25, 2017
At the Akane household Akane tries to get Seiji, Guri and Yuzu to leave before fighting with Guri who threatens to steal Seiji unless Akane stops her. Akane’s mother, Suo, appears while Shikimi captures Seiji. Suo orders Akane to kill Seiji. Akane almost does so but cannot as she loves Seiji too much. Suo almost beheads Seiji herself but Akane saves him. Before Akane can fight Suo, Yuzu’s mother, Ameisha, arrives and duels Suo instead. Akane and Yuzu explain their mothers were once in a relationship with the same man, Akane and Yuzu’s father, and were good friends, but the relationship ended badly, resulting in their family feud. Akane stops the fight by insisting she is staying with Seiji no matter what. Guri points out Suo is acting out of love and is subsequently stabbed in the head by the embarrassed Suo, who allows Akane to continue dating Seiji, on condition she will kill him if he ever hurts Akane. Akane, back to her old self, attacks Guri for kissing Seiji and declares that they are now rivals. Suo explains to Ameisha that Yuzu is in love with Akane while also dating Seiji, something Ameisha had been unaware of. 
9 "Absolutely... Nothing... x There's Just Something Wrong With Me..."
"Zenzen... Nani mo... × Chotto, Dōkashiteimashita..." (全然・・・何も・・・ × ちょっと、どうかしていました・・・) 
June 1, 2017
Following the previous episode Akane and Guri argue constantly. Guri worries Seiji and Akane are leaving her behind. Shikimi is ordered by both Suo and Ameisha to keep an eye on Seiji. Seiji and Akane plan to show Shikimi their success as a couple. Akane suggests they kiss and Seiji agrees on condition Akane and Guri get along. Yuzu becomes upset at the thought of Akane and Seiji kissing. As part of the cultural festival the class decide to put on a play with Shikimi, Akane and Guri as the Princess, Knight and Knights Rival respectively. Yuzu kisses Seiji, becoming confused when she feels nothing and convinces herself she hates Seiji for stealing Akane. During the play Akane fights with Guri again. Yuzu arrives and admits to kissing Seiji to work out how she feels. Akane forgives her, telling her to take all the time she needs. Akane successfully finishes the play by kissing Guri, hoping to show Seiji she can get along with her if necessary. Yuzu claims she still detests Seiji but no longer hates him. Shikimi mentions to Guri that the closer Yuzu and Akane become to Seiji, the more Guri risks being left behind. 
10 "I'm Here to Stay the Night x I'm... Growing Up, Too"
"Otomari ni Kichaimashita × Watashi Datte... Seichō Surunda yo" (お泊まりに来ちゃいました × 私だって・・・成長するんだよ) 
June 8, 2017
Seiji is happy to be spending time by himself, only for Akane, Yuzu, Guri and Shikimi to all turn up at the same time. After spending the day with them Seiji tries to take a bath but his privacy is repeatedly invaded. Later with Akane in the garden Seiji keeps his promise and kisses her. At night the girls all sleep in Seiji’s room while Seiji sleeps in the living room, however in the morning all the girls have moved into the living room with him. Aqua returns, sees Seiji with four girls and punishes him. Seeing Aqua is upset Guri promises to help Aqua get some attention from Seiji. Aqua questions whether Guri has any actual feelings for Seiji. Stolas the Penguin returns, stronger than before. While escaping Aqua is defended by Korari. Aqua, tired of being afraid, stands up to Stolas and kicks him in the face. Seiji arrives to protect Aqua but finds she no longer needs protecting. Aqua realises her brother is still the same person he always was, despite his multiple girlfriends. Guri worries that something is missing between her and Seiji. Shikimi offers to talk with Guri about it and they disappear together. 
11 "Where Did She Go? x I Apologize for Troubling You Until Now"
"Doko Ittanda Aitsu × Ima Made Taihen Osewa ni Narimashita" (どこ行ったんだ あいつ × 今まで大変お世話になりました) 
June 15, 2017
Guri has been missing for over a week and Korari is concerned Seiji is not taking it seriously. Seiji suspects Shikimi is responsible and confronts her. Shikimi captures Seiji and kisses him with Guri secretly watching. Guri had confided in Shikimi her fear something was missing between her and Seiji. Shikimi suggests staying away from Seiji and observing him with Akane. Guri saw that Seiji did not seem to be looking for her. Akane and Yuzu arrive and Shikimi reveals the depressed Guri. Shikimi tells her to ask Seiji how he feels about her. Seiji angrily responds that Guri has only ever been a nuisance, causing Guri to become cocooned in black feathers. Maou appears, having been working with Shikimi to manipulate Seiji into breaking Guri’s heart so she would fall from heaven and be reborn as a demon. The new demon Guri nonchalantly announces that the old Guri is dead and it is Seiji’s fault, then leaves to begin breaking up all the couples she ever brought together. Shikimi leaves with Maou. Yuzu blames Seiji for neglecting Guri and insists he help her save Guri. Akane refuses to help while Seiji decides he also wants to save Guri. 
12 "Right, Let's All Die! x I Finally Understand"
"Sōda, Shinimashō! × Watashi Yatto Wakarimashita" (そうだ、死にましょう! × 私やっとわかりました) 
June 22, 2017
Kamisama suggests Seiji and Yuzu go to hell to retrieve Guri. Guri refuses Maou’s offer to become the new Satan so he can retire. Seiji and Yuzu are found by Shikimi, forcing them to flee. They are rescued by Akane, who reached hell in an unusual manner, and after reaching Guri demands she either return to normal or stay a demon forever. Seiji finally realises how badly he really had been treating Guri and pleads with her to return to normal. After Guri instinctively makes a dirty joke Seiji realises normal Guri is not gone after all. Shikimi explains Guri’s plan to disappear and the pain she felt when no one seemed to miss her. Guri becomes so confused by her feelings she almost faints. Seiji, following advice from Kamisama, asks her what she really wants. Guri’s demon wings are suddenly replaced with angel wings as she returns to normal, having realised she wants Seiji to love her and kisses him. The heartfelt moment abruptly comes to an end when Akane, furious at the kiss, throws a knife at Guri’s head. With everything back to normal Guri promises to add Shikimi to the harem if she gives love a try. 


  1. ^ All English episode titles are taken from Crunchyroll.


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