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Love Without Boundaries Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization centered on providing humanitarian aid to orphans in China, specifically in the areas of nutrition, medical care, education, and connecting orphans with foster care families. It was founded in 2003 by Amy Eldridge after she visited a Chinese orphanage and helped raise money for their medical programs, and has since grown into a multimillion-dollar charitable foundation[1] working with over 100 orphanages in China.[2]



"Hope and Healing for Orphaned Children in China."


Love Without Boundaries provides humanitarian aid primarily to orphaned children in China through four key areas: medical, education, nutrition and foster care.

Love Without Boundaries provides medical services orphaned children in China in two ways - by arranging lifesaving heart surgeries and other operations at Chinese hospitals and by sending surgery teams to China in order to operate on children in need. They have a waiting list of children requiring immediate surgery.

Love Without Boundaries currently sponsors the education of almost 200 children and teenage orphans throughout China from preschool all the way through college. Their Preparation for Adult Life Program equips teenage orphans with life skills needed for when they age out of the orphanage. General education fund is used to expand their programs as well as to build new schools, renovate existing schools, purchase supplies, provide teacher training and other education-related needs.

They now have nutrition programs in sixteen orphanages in nine provinces in China. Each month they send children's formula and rice cereal. They accept monthly sponsorships and also one-time donations to their nutrition programs.

Foster Care
They are currently providing foster care for over 300 children in 12 cities in 8 provinces in China. They monitor their programs very carefully with local monitors who visit the children and can quickly provide extra nutrition, medical care or other supplies as needed.


Love Without Boundaries is an organization that:

• Pays no volunteer. Volunteers pay their own way to and from China.
• In 2005 had an overhead of just 1.7 percent.[3]
• In 2006 helped over 350 children with life saving surgeries.[4]
• Enables 200 children to attend school (kindergarten-college) in various programs.
• Has 13 foster care programs in 13 Chinese cities.
• Supplies top quality formula to 15 orphanages in China.
• Provides physical therapists and equipment to children with special needs.
• Offers summer camps in orphanages encouraging Chinese citizens to get involved.
• Makes a way for orphanage groups to “give back” with food, medicine, clothing.
• Offers hundreds of child sponsorships with regular reports.
• Publishes "Love's Journey", a book about the China adoption experience.
• Hosts an annual e-bay art auction that raises money for life saving heart surgeries.
• Grants financial assistance through Tuan Yuan adoption grants to special children waiting to be adopted.

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