Love You More than Football

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Love You More Than Football
Studio album by Space
Released Officially unreleased
May 2000 (promotional CD-R copies)
Recorded 2000
Genre Britpop
Label Gut Records
Producer Edwyn Collins
Space chronology
Tin Planet
(1998)Tin Planet1998
Love You More Than Football
Suburban Rock 'n' Roll
(2004)Suburban Rock 'n' Roll2004

Love You More Than Football is an unreleased Space album from 2000. Originally scheduled for release in July 2000, the album was to be a follow up to 1998’s Tin Planet.[1] The album, briefly known as Bulletproof, was later rescheduled for 4 December 2001 but was never released.[2][3]

Most of the 14 tracks on the album were short love songs. The album was produced by Edwyn Collins.[1]

The single "Diary of a Wimp" reached #49 in the UK.

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Everybody in the Madhouse"
  2. "Diary of a Wimp"
  3. "Good Times"
  4. "I Love You More than Football"
  5. "Evil Things"
  6. "Steal My Love"
  7. "Gravity"
  8. "More than a Friend"
  9. "Voices"
  10. "Supersonic Jetplane"
  11. "Despise"
  12. "Thank You"
  13. "Juno 54"
  14. "Yes You Do"

Currently the album has been set as license free, so it can be freely downloaded from the internet if a copy can be found. This was confirmed by the singer Tommy Scott, who when asked in Bristol in October 2009, apparently told a fan: "Oh god, that was meant to be released about ten years ago... If you got a copy of it, then it's yours, I've chucked that project away since Gut [records] screwed us over."[citation needed].

As well as "Diary Of A Wimp", three other tracks from the album later surfaced on compilations by Gut. "Gravity" appeared on Greatest Hits, and as a digital single in 2002, whilst "Good Times" and "I Love You More Than Football" appeared on Greatest Hits & Unheard Bits.


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