Love and Hate (book)

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Love and Hate: The Natural History of Behavior Patterns is a book by Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeld.[1] It was originally published in German under the title, Liebe und Hass: Zur Naturgeschichte elementarer Verhaltensweisen in 1970.


  1. The "Human Beast"--A Modern Caricature of Man
  2. Preprogramming in Human and Animal Behavior
  3. Phylogeny and Ritualization
  4. The Advantages of Sociability
  5. The Ethologist's View of Aggression
  6. The Biological Basis for Ethical Norms
  7. Antidotes to Aggression
  8. What Keeps People Together?
  9. More About Bond-Establishing Rites
  10. The Development of the Personal Bond and Basic Trust
  11. From Individualized Group to Anonymous Community
  12. Prospects


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