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Love and Marriage is a British comedy-drama series that was broadcast on ITV beginning on 5 June 2013.[1] It stars Alison Steadman as Pauline Paradise, a recently retired lollipop lady, who after the death of her father Frank (David Ryall) decides to leave her family and goes to live with her sister. It was written by Stewart Harcourt.[2] The series consisted of 6 episodes.[3] In August 2013, ITV cancelled the series.[4]


  • Alison Steadman as Pauline Paradise
  • Duncan Preston as Ken Paradise, Pauline's husband
  • Celia Imrie as Rowan Holdaway, Pauline's sister
  • Larry Lamb as Tommy Sunderland, Rowan's boyfriend
  • Stewart Wright as Kevin Paradise, Pauline and Ken's eldest son, Heather and Martin's brother and Sarah's husband
  • Ashley Jensen as Sarah Paradise, Kevin's wife
  • Niky Wardley as Heather McCallister, Pauline and Ken's daughter, Kevin and Martin's sister and Charlie's wife
  • James McArdle as Charlie McCallister, Heather's husband
  • Graeme Hawley as Martin Paradise, Pauline and Ken's youngest son, Heather and Kevin's brother and Michelle's husband
  • Zoe Telford as Michelle Paradise, Martin's wife
  • Jessica Sula as Scarlett Quilter, Rowan's granddaughter
  • David Ryall as Frank Holdaway, Pauline and Rowan's father who dies after falling off a hammock Pauline got as a retirement present.
  • George Boden as Nathan Paradise, Kevin and Sarah's son, Pauline and Ken's Grandson


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