Love and Other Catastrophes

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Love and Other Catastrophes
VHS cover
Directed byEmma-Kate Croghan
Screenplay byYael Bergman
Emma-Kate Croghan
Helen Bandis
Story byStavros Kazantzidis
Produced byHelen Bandis
Stavros Kazantzidis
Yael Bergman
CinematographyJustin Brickle
Edited byKen Sallows
Music byOleh Witer
Distributed byFox Searchlight Pictures
Release dates
1 August 1996 (Australia)
28 March 1997 (US)
Running time
79 minutes
Budget$250,000 (est.)
Box office$431,000
(US thru April 1997)

Love and Other Catastrophes is a quirky 1996 Australian romantic comedy film featuring Frances O'Connor, Radha Mitchell, Alice Garner, Matthew Dyktynski, Matt Day and Kym Gyngell. The film was the first full-length release by director Emma-Kate Croghan and is set and filmed at Melbourne University where she studied writing and film directing.

The film was nominated for five Australian Film Institute awards, including best film, best original screenplay, best actress, best supporting actress, and editing. Garner won a Film Critics Circle of Australia award for best supporting actress for her role in the movie.

At the ARIA Music Awards of 1997 the soundtrack was nominated for Best Original Soundtrack, Cast or Show Album.[1]


The story revolves around University of Melbourne film studies students and roommates Mia (Frances O'Connor) and Alice (Alice Garner), each of whom is experiencing various upheavals. Mia and Alice have just moved into a trendy apartment but are in desperate need of a housemate. Mia's girlfriend Danni (Radha Mitchell) is keen to move in, but Mia fears commitment.

Obsessed with her favourite lecturer, Mia becomes embroiled in a war of paperwork with the university administration as she attempts to pursue him to his new department. She is hampered in her efforts to transfer by her current supervisor Professor Leach (Kym Gyngell). To add to her woes she then breaks up with her girlfriend, Danni. Danni pursues another love interest, in part to get back at Mia.

Alice, a habitual perfectionist, is four years late with her thesis on 'Doris Day as Feminist Warrior'. She is looking for the perfect man but can't find anyone who fits her strict criteria. Frustrated, she falls for the most unsuitable male possible... Ari (Matthew Dyktynski), a classics student and part-time gigolo. However she is the object of desire of shy medical student, Michael (Matt Day).

As the day ends and the party begins events begin to unscramble in unexpected ways. Omnia Vincit Amor... Love Conquers All.



Love and Other Catastrophes features music by many bands including:

Box office[edit]

Love and Other Catastrophes grossed $1,687,929 at the box office in Australia,.[2]

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