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Love and Pigeons (Russian: Любовь и голуби) is a 1984 Soviet romantic comedy film by Vladimir Menshov whose previous film Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. It is based on scriptwriter Vladimir Gurkin's play of the same name.[1]

A corrupted city woman (Lyudmila Gurchenko) lures away a man of the country (Alexander Mikhailov), indulging him in fantasies of urban comfort. While living at her city apartment, the man starts missing his family and eventually decides to return to his native village, where his wife and children miss him too.

The film was the leader of Soviet distribution in 1984 and sold some 44.5 million tickets.[2] An outdoor sculpture based on the film's characters was unveiled in Cheremkhovo, Siberia in 2011.[3]


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