Love in 3-D

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Love in 3-D
Directed by Walter Boos
Produced by Wolf C. Hartwig
Written by Florian Vollmer
Starring Ingrid Steeger
Cinematography Klaus Werner
Edited by Herbert Taschner
Distributed by Monarch Releasing Corporation
Dimension Pictures
Release date
26 January 1973
Running time
93 mins
Country West Germany
Language German (dubbed into English)

Love in 3-D (German: Liebe in drei Dimensionen) is a 1973 German adult comedy film directed by Walter Boos. The film was dubbed into English for American audiences. As compared to other mid-1970s adult films that were shot in 3-D, Love in 3-D stands out for several reasons. It was shot on 70 mm, very unusual for a low budget adult film. The movie itself contains several notable 3-D scenes as everything from oranges, water, and breasts are thrust out toward the audience. One standout (non-adult) scene involves a ride in an old ghost house.

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