Love Is Beautiful (TV series)

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Love is Beautiful
Genre Costume Drama
Starring Mariane Chan
Anne Heung
Marco Ngai
Opening theme "真面目" by
Stephanie Che
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 30
Running time 45 minutes (approx.)
Original network TVB
Original release January 28 – March 8, 2002
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Love is Beautiful (Simplified Chinese: 无头东宫) (Traditional Chinese: 無頭東宮) is a 30-episode TVB costume drama series released overseas in April 2001 and broadcast on TVB Jade Channel in January 2002.


Ling Wan[edit]

Ling Wan is a poor girl that lives in 'Beautiful People Village' with her father, Ling Tid whose wife died after his daughter's birth. Ling Tid owned a metal shop, and Ling Wan was even better in carving metal than her father. She was born very ugly, with moles all over her face, like her father. When she was thirteen, she had a terrible disease, and when she recovered, the moles had disappeared. In the ancient times in China, females had no right on deciding on her husband, because the husband chooses the wife. In order to accompany her father until his death, Ling Wan put on fake moles to look ugly. Her facial moles were her disguise.

Cho Cho[edit]

Ling Wan had a friend, Cho Cho, who was also ugly. As Ling Wan was very kind and friendly, and that she used to be ugly, she understood that Cho Cho, who was really ugly, would have no friends, so decided to be the only friend of Cho Cho. At that time, she had no idea that Cho Cho would betray her, a betray that could never be recovered. Cho Cho has a father, two brothers and a sister, who often tease and laugh at Cho Cho, like the villagers, who also would tease Ling Wan, because no one, even her father, knew Ling Wan's secret.

The trouble begins...[edit]

The emperor of China comes to 'Beautiful People Village' for a visit to the festival. Ling Wan and Cho Cho were never invited and allowed to come to the festivals, as they were ugly and were believed to be the embarrassment to the town. The emperor disguised himself as a normal rich man. Then, there were assassins who were sent by the emperor's power-hungry uncle, got their swords out and aimed for the emperor's chest. Luckily, Ling Wan, who was skilled in fighting as well, saved the emperor, but the emperor got hurt himself, and Ling Wan took him to her mother's grave area to hide from the terrorists, who were later sentenced to death.

The emperor fell in love with Ling Wan not for her beauty (Ling Tid discovered the fake moles and forced her to take them away but Ling Wan insisted on wearing so she could find a man that didn't only value her looks), but for her kindness. He decided to marry Ling Wan, and it wasn't until later that the emperor sent for Ling Wan that she found out his true identity. Cho Cho was jealous. She was walking on the street when she saw a busker, who was a magician, that specialize on making people's faces temporarily beautiful. Cho Cho gave it a try, and wanted more - she wanted the change to be permanent.

Change of face[edit]

It was Ling Wan's wedding and farewell party for the people of the village. The villagers now think different of Ling Wan as she was pretty. Cho Cho was leaving the village because of debts, meanwhile trying to get Ling Wan to come. Ling Wan came, because of her kindness, and they drink a lot of alcoholic drinks and Ling Wan fell asleep. Cho Cho brought her to the magician. They switched faces and their lives changed forever, as there are no ways to change their faces back.

(similar to the movie Face/Off)


Ling Family[edit]

  • Ling Wan
  • Ling Tid
  • Chiu Hei

Cho Family[edit]

  • Cho Cho
  • Cho Cho's brothers, sister and father (Uncle Cho)

Royal Family[edit]

  • Emperor (Mr Chiu)
  • Emperor's Wives
  • Emperor's Mother
  • Emperor's Uncle (Koon Ding)
  • Ling Dan
  • Cam Si Si
  • Maids
  • Hi


  • Fung Lok Yan
  • Fung Song Yi
  • Magician (Siu To)
  • Chiu Wai
  • Villagers


Cast Role
Mariane Chan Empress Guo
Anne Heung Ling Wan --> Cho Cho/Can Si Si
Evergreen Mak Fung Lok Yan
Eddie Cheung Emperor Zhenzong of Song
Pierre Ngo Chiu Hei
David To Tai Wai Ling Dan
Chan Wing Han Fung Song Yi
Marco Ngai Siu To
Charmaine Sheh (cameo appearance) Cho Cho (beautiful face) ep. 1-2
Benz Hui Ling Tid
Kenneth Ma Villager
Chui Wing Helper of Chiu Wai and waiter of hotel in the Beautiful People Village
Kwan Po Wai Maid of mother of king (Miss Yung)
Ha Ping Mother of King