Love of May

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Love of May
Directed by Hsu Hsiao-ming
Produced by Peggy Chiao
Hsu Hsiao-ming
Tian Zhuangzhuang
Starring Bolin Chen
Liu Yifei
Music by Mayday
Edited by Liao Ching-Song
Distributed by Arc Light Films
Release date
Running time
109 min
Country Taiwan
Language Mandarin

Love of May (traditional Chinese: 五月之戀; simplified Chinese: 五月之恋; pinyin: wǔ yuè zhī liàn) is a 2004 Taiwanese film directed by Hsu Hsiao-ming and starring Bolin Chen and Liu Yifei. The film was inspired by Mayday, a famous rock band from Taiwan. It tells about the love story of Ah Lei, an administrator of Mayday's fansite, and Zhao Xuan, a fangirl of Mayday, who met and fell in love with each other through a lie.


Ah Lei (Bolin Chen) is the younger brother of Stone, a guitarist of Mayday. He is also the administrator of Mayday's fansite, in charge of replying to fan letters and emails. One day, he befriended a girl named Zhao Xuan (Liu Yifei) through a chatroom. He told her that he's actually Ashin, the lead vocal of Mayday. She started writing letters to him, believing that he was Ashin. Finally, Xuan's peking opera group from school gets to leave Harbin and travel to Taiwan to perform. The two promised to meet in a library, but Ah Lei didn't have the courage to meet up with her. He decides to follow her around, but did not expect that she followed him back, and that she saw through his lies all along.


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