Love with Privileges

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Love with Privileges
Love with Privileges.jpg
Movie poster
Directed byVladimir Kuchinsky[1]
Produced byViktor Glukhov
Vladimir Predybaylov
Written byEmil Braginsky
Valentin Chernykh
StarringLyubov Polishchuk
Vyacheslav Tikhonov
Oleg Tabakov
Music byAlemdar Karamanov
CinematographyFelix Kefchiyan
Release date
1989 (1989)
Running time
135 min
CountrySoviet Union

Love with Privileges (Russian: Любовь с привилегиями, romanizedLyubov s privilegiyami) is a 1989 Soviet film drama directed by Vladimir Kuchinsky.[2]


USSR, the end of the 80s. Former Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers Kozhemyakin comes to rest in Yalta. To meet him at the station asked Irina, who works as a van driver. An accidental resort acquaintance suddenly turned into something more. Neither the age difference nor the social situation did not become a hindrance. Irina agrees to become Kozhemyakin's wife and moves to Moscow.

In Moscow, taking advantage of her husband's acquaintances, Irina inquires about the circumstances of her father’s arrest, who was repressed after the war and shot in 1952 (the family was sent to Vorkuta, the mother soon died there too). And it turns out that in Stalin's times her new husband was one of those who signed the letter of collective condemnation, after which her father was shot.


TV version[edit]

The duration of the TV version entitled City Details, released in 1990, is 157 minutes.[2]


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