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Thai film poster
Directed by Ping Lumpraploeng
Starring Udom Taephanit, Wisa Saansaat
Cinematography Decha Srimantra
Distributed by Sahamongkol Film International
Release date
July 27, 2006
Running time
89 minutes
Country Thailand
Language Thai

Loveaholic (Thai: โคตรรักเอ็งเลย or Khoht-rak-eng-loei) is a 2006 Thai romantic comedy film directed by Ping Lumpraploeng and starring Thai comedian Udom Taephanit.


Rong, a comedy screenwriter, finds out his wife, Daeng, has had an affair with a physician. Rong's and Daeng's relationship had grown routine and boring, which was why Daeng had the affair. Rong quarrels with Daeng, who angrily drives away in her car. Later, Rong is told that his wife is dead. Grieving, he blames himself for her death. However, Rong notices that many things in the house are being moved around, and he starts to think that perhaps Daeng is not dead.


  • Udom Taephanit as Rong
  • Wisa Saansaat as Daeng
  • Akara Amarttayakul as Raksa
  • Achita Sikamana as Suay
  • Ping Lumpraploeng

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