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Coordinates: 42°53′21″N 78°48′20″W / 42.8891°N 78.8056°W / 42.8891; -78.8056

PS 43 Lovejoy Discovery School
161 Benzinger Street
Buffalo, New York 14206
Status Focus School
School number 43
Principal Ms. Orniece Hill
Grades PK-8
Lovejoy Discovery School BuffaloNY.JPG

PS 43 Lovejoy Discovery School is an elementary/middle school located at 161 Benzinger Street in the East Lovejoy neighborhood in Buffalo, New York. It serves children in grades PK (Pre-Kindergarten) through 8th. The current principal is Ms. Orniece Hill.


School 43 began as a small building constructed by Joseph Churchyard in 1880 on Gold Street. Known as "The Churchyard School", the school operated for two years until it was purchased by the City of Buffalo and converted into an annex for School 25. In 1883, a replacement for the Churchyard Skill was built on the corners of Gold and Lovejoy, and was operational until 1901 when the present building was constructed, which received an addition in 1925. In 1892, District 43 was created for all students in the Lovejoy area. In 1980, School 43 became known as "School 43 Academy." The building was renovated again during the 2007-2009 school years, during which time the faculty and student body were housed at School 40.

Former principals[edit]

Previous assignment and reason for departure denoted in parentheses


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