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Lovelace is a surname. The two most notable people named Lovelace are:



There have been two Lovelace peerages. First there were the Barons Lovelace:

after which the title was extinct

Later the title was reused as an Earldom:

The title is now extinct.

Given name[edit]

  • Lovelace Watkins (1938–1995), American singer
  • Sandra Lovelace Nicholas (born 1948), Canadian senator and aboriginal rights activist
  • Sharla Lovelace Scroggs (born 1967), Contemporary romance novelist (published 2012–present) using maiden name as pseudonym, Sharla Lovelace

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Lovelace, a character in the canon world of My Little Pony
  • Lovelace, a character in the film Happy Feet
  • Lovelace, a character in the novel Clarissa by Samuel Richardson
  • Simon Lovelace, a character in the Bartimaeus book series by Jonathan Stroud
  • The Lovelace Cartel, a drug cartel featured in the Black Lagoon manga series
  • Doctor Loveless, a midget villain / antagonist character on the 1960s T.V. Show ((Wild Wild West)).

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