Loveland Dam

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Loveland Dam
Loveland Dam, 2011
CountryUnited States
LocationSan Diego County, California
Coordinates32°46′54″N 116°47′39″W / 32.78167°N 116.79417°W / 32.78167; -116.79417Coordinates: 32°46′54″N 116°47′39″W / 32.78167°N 116.79417°W / 32.78167; -116.79417
StatusIn use
Opening date1945
Owner(s)Sweetwater Authority
Dam and spillways
Type of damConcrete thin arch
ImpoundsSweetwater River
Height203 ft (62 m)
Length765 ft (233 m)
Spillway typeUncontrolled over-the-crest
Spillway capacity62,000 cu ft/s (1,800 m3/s)
CreatesLoveland Reservoir
Total capacity25,387 acre⋅ft (31,314,000 m3)
Catchment area98 sq mi (250 km2)
Surface area454 acres (184 ha)

Loveland Dam (also called Sweetwater Falls Dam) is a dam across the Sweetwater River in San Diego County, California. The dam forms long, narrow Loveland Reservoir which stores 25,387 acre feet (31,314,000 m3) of water.[1] It is operated primarily for flood control and municipal water storage in conjunction with downstream Sweetwater Dam but the reservoir is also open to the public for fishing.[2]

The dam stands 203 feet (62 m) high and spans 765 feet (233 m) across the narrow gorge of the Sweetwater River, 2.4 miles (3.9 km) south of Alpine. It is built entirely of concrete and has a thin arch design. Loveland is the younger of the two dams on the Sweetwater River; the other, Sweetwater, was built in 1888 while Loveland was only constructed in 1945.[3] It is named after Chester H. Loveland, president of the California Water and Telephone Corporation, the firm that built it.[4] The Loveland Reservoir is considered a better water storage facility than Sweetwater because of its much smaller surface area (454 acres compared to 960) and comparable capacity, thus it is less vulnerable to evaporation.[5]

Aerial view of Loveland Reservoir from south

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