Lovelock Correctional Center

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Lovelock Correctional Center
Location1200 Prison Road, Pershing County, Nevada, 89419 U.S.
CoordinatesCoordinates: 40°13′22″N 118°23′18″W / 40.22278°N 118.38833°W / 40.22278; -118.38833 40.221123, -118.389614
StatusOperational every day
Security classMinimum-Close
OpenedAugust 1995
WardenTim Garrett
Notable prisoners
O. J. Simpson (2008–2017)

Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC) is a Nevada Department of Corrections prison in unincorporated Pershing County, Nevada, United States, near Lovelock.[1]


Lovelock is in Pershing County and is the seventh major institution of the Nevada Department of Corrections.[1] It was constructed and opened in two phases. The first started in August 1995 with two 168-cell housing units. Each 80-square-foot (7.4 m2) cell can house two inmates. Construction on the second phase saw two 168-cell units and two 84-cell units made available for the institution to hold 1,680 offenders.[1] Its industrial plant, housed in two 20,000-square-foot (1,900 m2) buildings, makes garments and mattresses.[1]

The facility received wide media coverage in 2008 when former American football star O. J. Simpson was sent there after being sentenced to 33 years' imprisonment, with a minimum of nine years before becoming eligible for parole, which was granted on July 20, 2017.[2][3] He was released on October 1, 2017.[4]


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