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IndustrySex industry
Founded2010; 13 years ago (2010)
FounderDan Liu
Area served

Lovense is a Singapore-based sex tech company specializing in the development of remotely controlled sex toys and pleasure products, as well as accompanying software.[1][2]


Lovense was founded by Dan Liu in 2010. The company was inspired by teledildonics and long-distance relationships.[3][4]

In 2013, the first app-based sex toys, Max (male masturbator) and Nora (rabbit vibrator),[5][6] were launched.[7][8] In 2014, it integrated app controlling.[9]

In 2016, Lush vibrator was launched with the help of S$100,000 raised on the crowdfunding website IndieGogo,[10][11] and an oscillating G-spot massager.[12] In the same year, it also partnered up with VirtualRealPorn.[13]

In 2017, Lovense released 5 more devices, Hush, Ambi, Domi, Edge, and Osci.[9][14] In 2018, it introduced USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect its device to an MS-Windows computer.

In 2019, the company upgraded three of its previous devices and relaunched them as Lush 2, Max 2, and Osci 2.[15][9] In 2020, it launched Domi 2 and limited edition Mission.[16]

In January 2021, the company announced "digital orgies" feature, where up to 100 participants can join via the Lovense app.[17] In early February 2021, Lovense partnered up with CamSoda to launch a vibrating cock ring, Diamo. The ring was also included in an Elden Ring mod.[18][19] It also launched its small-sized panty vibrator, Ferri, in the same year.[20][21]

In late 2021, the company launched its "glans massager", called Gush. The massager is compatible with specific integrated games like WildLife Demo.[22][23] Apart from Gush, 5 more devices were launched, Edge 2, Lush 3, Diamo, Dolce, and Hyphy.[9][24]

In early 2022, it partnered with SexLikeReal to launch its male vibrator called Calor. It also launched its Sex Machine.[25]

Devices and software[edit]

As of 2022, the company has officially released more than 18 devices and software, including Lovense Remote App, Connect App, Cam Extension, and Lovense API. The devices also support a voice assistant, Alexa.[26][9][27] The company has integrated cam services to online streamers via its toys that react to tips the streamers receive.[28][18]

It has also contributed to adult videogames, including 3DXChat,[29][30] WildLife Demo,[31][32] and Animal Crossing.[33][34][35][36]

Lovense has widely integrated VR porn[25][37][38] and also conducted a 24 hours Twitter Orgy where participants from across the world were able to experience the company's products uniformly.[39]

Awards and recognition[edit]

Lovense has been recognized widely in the sex industry and has been reviewed by many critics.[40]

  • Forbes Vices Awards 2020 - Disruptive Innovator[41]
  • Altporn Awards 2021 from – Best Tech Toy (Lovense Ferri)[42]
  • XBIZ Europa Awards 2021 - Sex Toy Product of the Year (Lovense Ferri)[43]
  • XBIZ Honors Awards 2022 - International Pleasure Products Company of the Year[44]


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