Loverboy (2005 film)

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Loverboy ver2.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byKevin Bacon
Produced byKevin Bacon
Daniel Bigel
Michael Mailer
Kyra Sedgwick
Written byHannah Shakespeare (screenplay)
Victoria Redel (novel)
StarringNikhil Uppala
Music byMichael Bacon
CinematographyNancy Schreiber
Edited byDavid Ray
Distributed byThinkFilm
Release date
January 24, 2005 (2005-01-24)
Running time
86 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$53,457 (worldwide) [1]

Loverboy is a 2005 American drama film directed by Kevin Bacon and the cast includes his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, as well as both of their children, Travis and Sosie. Thus far, it is the only film credit for both the children, though Sosie Bacon would later appear on the television show The Closer.


Most of the story is told in flashbacks from the opening scene to Emily's childhood and adult life.

The movie opens with Emily (Kyra Sedgwick) singing to her 6-year-old son in a car while attempting to teach him the hand positions on a car steering wheel. During this time the scene keeps cutting back and forth to Emily packing a child’s suitcase. In the car she tells him that they are about to leave on a journey to an amazing land.

The scene changes and travels to eight and a half years earlier, during which Emily narrates her story on how she conceived her son Paul. She believed that she had only one purpose, to bring life to this earth. After unsuccessful artificial inseminations, she set out seeking numerous sexual encounters with random men all over the country. She theorized that multiple men meant no father, and she wanted it that way. However, after 10 weeks of pregnancy, she begins to bleed at an airport, losing her child and her hope of ever having a baby. Retreating into a state of depression she takes sanctuary at a hotel during a business seminar, where she meets a man named Paul (Campbell Scott). They immediately connect and have a passionate night which results in Emily’s second pregnancy.

She buys a house and gives birth to a boy, whom she named Paul, after his father. She spends every waking moment with Paul, reading books to him and searching for buried treasure. She playfully nicknames him Loverboy and he calls her Miss Darling. As he gets older he sees other children going to school and he questions Emily why he was not going too. She tries to keep him away from other children as the means to protect him but as the days go by he becomes increasingly difficult as he attempts to get to school and have fun.

When she finally succumbs to his requests and lets him go to school, she begins to experience separation anxiety; she constantly tries to pull him out of school and Paul, not appreciating this, runs away. When the staff tries to calm Emily, she breaks down stating that her child is exceptional and school is diminishing his potential.

Back in opening scene in the car, Paul loses his first tooth and Emily makes him sleep in the car, after which she takes a bottle of pills and falls asleep with the car engine running. Emily had blocked the garage door with rags as an attempt to suffocate her and Paul believing that this was the only way they could be forever together.

In the morning the boy who mows the lawn finds Paul and he survives. Emily, however, does not.

In the end, Paul is older and in a field with his girlfriend whispering into the ears of the sheep just as he and his mother used to do.



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