Lovers' Isle

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Lovers' Isle
Lovers' Isle, Batu Ferringhi, George Town, Penang.jpg
Lovers' Isle is located in Penang
Lovers' Isle
Lovers' Isle
Lovers' Isle within the State of Penang
LocationSoutheast Asia
Coordinates5°27′58.935″N 100°14′8.6562″E / 5.46637083°N 100.235737833°E / 5.46637083; 100.235737833Coordinates: 5°27′58.935″N 100°14′8.6562″E / 5.46637083°N 100.235737833°E / 5.46637083; 100.235737833
Adjacent bodies of waterMalacca Strait
State Penang
Local governmentSeal of George Town.svg Penang Island City Council
DistrictSouthwest Penang Island

Lovers' Isle is an islet off the northern coast of Penang Island in the State of Penang, Malaysia. Located off Batu Ferringhi, a suburb of the city of George Town, this uninhabited rocky outcrop was where the first European sailors to reach what is now Penang arrived in the 16th century.[1]


The isle was once named Batu Ferringhi (Malay: Portuguese Rock) and has lent its name to the now popular tourist destination of Batu Ferringhi, a suburb of George Town. In the 16th century, Portuguese sailors landed at the rock to obtain fresh water from the nearby streams.[1] At the time, the Malay word Ferringhi, which was in turn derived from the Arabic ferringi, was originally used to denote a person of Portuguese descent.

Urban legend has it that Lovers' Isle was named as such after a couple, each of a different ethnicity, committed suicide at this outcrop.[2] To this day, Lovers' Isle is still visited by couples during low tides.

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