Lovers in Prague

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Lovers in Prague
Lovers in Prague-poster.jpg
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Written byKim Eun-sook
Directed byShin Woo-chul
Kim Hyung-shik
StarringJeon Do-yeon
Kim Joo-hyuk
Kim Min-joon
Yoon Se-ah
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes18
Executive producer(s)Goo Bon-geun
Producer(s)Kim Yang
Production location(s)South Korea
Production company(s)Olive9
Original networkSeoul Broadcasting System
Original release24 September (2005-09-24) –
20 November 2005 (2005-11-20)
Related showsLovers in Paris
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Lovers in Prague (Hangul프라하의 연인; Hanja프라하의 戀人; RRPeurahaui Yeonin) is a 2005 South Korean television drama series starring Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Joo-hyuk, Kim Min-joon and Yoon Se-ah. It aired on SBS from September 24 to November 20, 2005 on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:45 for 18 episodes.[1]

It is the second of three TV series in the Lovers trilogy by writer Kim Eun-sook and director Shin Woo-chul. This was preceded by Lovers in Paris (2004), and the third, simply titled Lovers (2006), was not set in Europe like the first two.


The president’s daughter, Yoon Jae-hee (Jeon Do-yeon) is a Korean diplomat in Prague, Czech Republic. She has only recently recovered from a devastating break up five years earlier with Ji Young-woo (Kim Min-joon), the son of a prominent Korean businessman. Choi Sang-hyun (Kim Joo-hyuk) is a detective who goes to Prague searching for his ex-girlfriend Hye-joo (Yoon Se-ah). Hye-joo broke up with Sang-hyun over the phone from Prague and Sang-hyun cannot accept it.

Sang-hyun meets Jae-hee in Prague and misunderstandings abound. Eventually the two help each other and become friends. When they return to Korea love blossoms, but their respective exes and very different social status put it to the test.


The daughter of the President and an incumbent diplomat. She is upright and enthusiastic about her profession. After she passed the Civil Service Examination for Foreign Affairs, she was sent to Paris for her first assignment of meets Young-woo and fell in love with him.[2]
A detective. He decided to become one as no policeman could help him solve a hit-and-run case, which killed his parents. Although hot-tempered and rush, he is kind-hearted. He meets Hye-joo when he was sent to solve a robbery case and fell in love with her; and helped fund her studies in Prague. After Hye-joo breaks up with him, he heads to Prague to look for her and there, he meets Jae-hee.[2]
A public prosecutor and the son of the chairman of a leading conglomerate, who grew up without family love. Not wanting to be under his father's shadow, he graduated from law school and passed the Judicial Examination. After he was exposed to the spotlight, he went backpacking in Prague to avoid everything. He met Jae-hee there and fell in love with her. However, he was separated from her after his father's interjection. When meets her again, she already fell in love with Sang-hyun.
An orphan, who seems fragile but is strong. She becomes a kindergarten teacher after graduating from community college. One day, she meets Sang-hyun and fell in love with him. She heads to Prague to further her studies with the help of Sang-hyun, but unfortunately becomes pregnant. Her intent to climb to the top with wrong choices caused her to break up with Sang-hyun. After realizing her mistakes, she wants to reconcile with him.


Ratings for the drama averaged 26–27% (31% at its peak), partly due to Jeon's return to television after a three-year hiatus.[2] At the 2005 SBS Drama Awards, Jeon Do-yeon was awarded the Daesang ("grand prize"), and Kim Joo-hyuk won Top Excellence Award. Kim also won Best Actor for TV at the 42nd Baeksang Arts Awards.[4]


In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2005-09-24 1 20.7% 22.6%
2005-09-25 2 20.2% 22.2%
2005-10-01 3 20.8% 22.1%
2005-10-02 4 22.2% 22.3%
2005-10-08 5 25.6% 27.7%
2005-10-09 6 27.8% 30.4%
2005-10-15 7 27.9% 29.3%
2005-10-16 8 28.5% 30.3%
2005-10-22 9 27.1% 28.3%
2005-10-23 10 29.2% 31.0%
2005-10-29 11 27.7% 28.7%
2005-10-30 12 30.2% 31.3%
2005-11-05 13 27.5% 28.3%
2005-11-06 14 26.8% 27.6%
2005-11-12 15 28.8% 31.7%
2005-11-13 16 27.7% 28.9%
2005-11-19 17 26.3% 27.9%
2005-11-20 18 31.0% 32.6%
Average 26.1% 27.9%

Source: TNS Media Korea

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result
SBS Drama Awards
Grand Prize (Daesang) Jeon Do-yeon Won
Top Excellence Award, Actor Kim Joo-hyuk Won
Top Excellence Award, Actress Jeon Do-yeon Nominated
Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Planning Drama Kim Joo-hyuk Nominated
Top 10 Stars Jeon Do-yeon Won
Kim Joo-hyuk Won
New Star Award Yoon Se-ah Won
42nd Baeksang Arts Awards
Best Actor (TV) Kim Joo-hyuk Won


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