Lovers in the Night

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Lovers in the Night
Cover of the English edition
(Ai Towa Yoru ni Kizuku Mono)
GenreYaoi, Romance, Historical
Written byFumi Yoshinaga
Published byBiblos, Libre Publishing
English publisher
PublishedMarch 1999
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Lovers in the Night (愛とは夜に気付くもの, Ai Towa Yoru ni Kizuku Mono) is a one-shot Japanese manga written and illustrated by Fumi Yoshinaga. Biblos released the manga on March 1999.[1] Libre Publishing obtained the license in 2007 and released its own volume on January 4, 2007.[2]

It is licensed and published in North America by Blu on May 8, 2007.[3] The manga is licensed in Taiwan by Sharp Point Press.[4]


Coolstreak Cartoons's Leroy Douresseaux comments on how the "love between two people" takes priority over everything else in the manga.[5] Pop Shock Culture's Katherine Dacey commends the manga for "emphasizing steamy encounters between beautiful men in period costume over long-winded political discussions".[6]'s Nadia Oxford commends Fumi Yoshinaga's artwork but criticises the backgrounds that "remain disappointingly sparse".[7]

See also[edit]

  • Truly Kindly - another anthology by Yoshinaga which contains a story about two of the characters from this book.


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