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This article is about a club. For the A Tribe Called Quest album, see The Low End Theory.
Low End Theory
Address 2419 North Broadway
Location Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, California
Type Music venue
Genre(s) Alternative hip hop,[1] electronic

Low End Theory is a weekly experimental hip hop and electronic music club night that takes place every Wednesday at The Airliner in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, California.


Low End Theory was founded in 2006 by producer and Alpha Pup Records label head Daddy Kev. Low End Theory can trace its roots back to Sketchbook, a weekly gathering of producers in nightclub parking lots that started in 2003. According to L.A. producer Take, Low End Theory "literally picked up where Sketchbook left off—with much better promotion, much better sound".[2] As the "epicenter"[3] of L.A.'s instrumental hip hop scene, Low End Theory has become one of the most influential venues for the 'beat music' genre.[citation needed] Long-time residents have included Daddy Kev, The Gaslamp Killer, Nobody, D-Styles and MC Nocando.[4] Since late 2013, visuals at Low End Theory have been handled by resident VJs Dave Wexler (Strangeloop), Ian Simon (Earnest Blount), and John King (Timeboy)

"L.A.'s monolithic weekly showcase for uncut beat-driven tracks"[5] has been a launchpad for the success of prolific electronic artists such as The Glitch Mob, Daedelus, Nosaj Thing and Flying Lotus, who describes the club's humble beginnings as a sort of "producer's lounge".[6] The club night "showcases the links between classic Los Angeles rap and the fractured jazz of Eric Dolphy but also demonstrates how artists are using dazzling instrument technologies to upend both of those traditions".[7] Low End Theory has garnered much attention after multiple performances by Thom Yorke, who played for the normal price of ten dollars. "If tickets were left to auction online, they'd bring in enough to fund a state Senate campaign".[8]

The monthly Low End Theory Podcast began in 2009 and features mixes from a resident DJ and one guest DJ. Since its inception, Low End Theory has expanded to Japan, San Francisco, New York City, and Europe, performing quarterly in Japan and every now and again in the latter three.[9] [10]


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