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Low Life Records was an independent record label from London established in 1992, promoting and releasing UK hip hop music.


Low Life was owned by rapper and producer, Braintax (Joe Christie). The label's signed artists included many UK hip hop artists such as; Braintax himself, Task Force, Skinnyman, Jehst, Harry Love, Verb T, Mystro, Asaviour, Dubbledge, Micall Parknsun & Rodney P. Low Life released around 70 records, including 12" singles, EPs and LPs.


Low Life came to an abrupt end in 2008 when Braintax announced his retirement and release of his last record; 'My Last and Best Album'. This came as a shock and disappointment to many UK hip hop fans. According to various sources, many of the artists signed to Low Life felt as if they had been ripped off/underpaid by Braintax - however Braintax stated in an interview, "There's been too much stress, mainly the large amount of b*****t you have to contend with when you run a record label. If you're not ripping people off then you're busy not trying hard enough to sell records that no one wants to buy."[1] Low Life is seen today[who?] as one of the greatest UK hip hop labels of all time, and has a significant back catalogue of music.


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