Low Millions

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Low Millions
Origin California, United States
Genres Pop rock, post-punk revival
Years active 2004–present
Labels EMI/Manhattan
Members Adam Cohen
Michael Chaves
Jorgen Carlsson
Erik Eldenius

The Low Millions are a pop-rock band from California. They launched their debut album, Ex-Girlfriends in 2004, under the recording label Manhattan Records. Shortly after their debut release, Adam Cohen explained the meaning of the band's name: "It reflects a condition that anybody at anytime can be in... That is the state of being a low million. It's a calling card — there are millions of subscribers in the world and we are certainly one of them at any given moment. The credentials to be part of this group range from stubbing your toe to waking up on the wrong side of bed, to being stuck in traffic, to being an ex — basically being low."


  • Ex-Girlfriends (2004)


  • Adam Cohen (singer/guitarist) — son of songwriter Leonard Cohen
  • Michael Chaves (singer/guitarist)
  • Jorgen Carlsson (singer/bass)
  • Erik Eldenius (drums)


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