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Low Spirit Recordings GmbH
Founded 1986
Founder WestBam
Fabian Lenz
William Röttger
Klaus Jankuhn
Sandra Molzahn
Status Defunct
Distributor(s) EFA, Urban/Polydor (PolyGram), BMG
Genre Techno, Rave
Country of origin Germany
Location Berlin, Germany
Official website http://www.low-spirit.de/

Low Spirit Recordings was a German techno record label.


Founded in 1986 by Maximilian Lenz (Westbam), Fabian Lenz (DJ Dick), William Röttger, Klaus Jankuhn and Sandra Molzahn. The first record was WestBam's 17 - This Is Not a Boris Becker Song which reached #1 in the Berlin dance music hitlist. Low Spirit became acquainted with the Love Parade event from its early years and the theme for its 1999 event, titled Sonic Empire, has reached the top of the German single charts. The label was later praised for "having made German techno history" by "Raveline" magazine.

In the 1990s, Low Spirit was also owner of the event Mayday. The label was shut down and all future distributions by Low Spirit were taken over by Kontor Records in 2007.


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