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Low plastic water bottles are bottles that use 50 percent or less plastic than a regular water bottle. The low plastic water bottle has seen a gigantic increase in production over the last few years. This is mainly because making low plastic bottles is more efficient, cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly than producing regular bottles. A large number of water companies now exclusively use a low plastic design for their 16.9 oz bottles. The most notable of these companies being Aquafina.[1]


Companies like Aquafina have also taken recycling into consideration. Previously when water bottles were bought in packs of 24, there was a plastic wrap around the bottles and there was a cardboard base. This packaging wasn't recyclable, but now some water companies have made the packaging totally recyclable, and also have eliminated the cardboard base. Just eliminating the cardboard base saves 20 million pounds of corrugated material annually. The plastic reduction in the bottles themselves saves 75 million pounds of plastic.

Replacements for plastics[edit]

At least one other commercial attempt has been made toward the creation of cheap, non-plastic containers for water. In 2009, Ecologic Brands, Inc. released a water bottle which was created using a combination of recyclable, sustainable sheet stock such as bamboo or palm leaves. The design was entered into INNOVIC's Next Big Thing Award for 2009.[2] The company has since gone on to create a paper jug which can be used as a holder for a recyclable plastic bag for liquids such as milk and detergent.