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Lowe Alpine is an outdoor equipment manufacturer and supplier that originated in Utah later moved to Colorado and is now an international company. The company is currently owned by Equip Outdoor Technologies Holdings Ltd.

The Lowe Alpine company was created by the Lowe brothers (Mike, Greg and Jeff).


In 1967 Greg created a back pack, named the Expedition Pack, with internal Phenolic laminate stays, later revised to 6061 aluminium flat bar, being a frame which facilitated the carrying of heavy loads and a unique chest strap designed to attach to a haul rope while still wearing the pack. This sturdy specially chest strap was changed to a chest-compression strap as well as the use of 6061 frame bars during the manufacturing period at High Touring, in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 1972 Mike borrowed $3,000 to register Lowe Alpine Systems as a manufacturing business. The company continues to produce outdoor equipment.[1]

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