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Coordinates: 49°21′17″N 97°35′20″W / 49.35472°N 97.58889°W / 49.35472; -97.58889

Lowe Farm is a growing farming community in southern Manitoba, Canada. It is located in the Rural Municipality of Morris, 10 minutes west of Morris, Manitoba, on highway #23. It was founded in the 1880s, when John Lowe (born February 20, 1824) managed a campaign to attract immigrants, particularly farmers and farm laborers for Manitoba. Lowe Farm became a model farm and a testing ground for farming innovations and later developed into a village.

Like many towns in Southern Manitoba, it has no stop lights, though it does have three churches, a Credit Union, a Recreation Centre, a privately owned grocery store, farm supply, gas station, a Cafe, an elementary/junior high school. and community park. Lowe Farm has 3 baseball diamonds, 2 in the park and one on the school playground where a baseball program is run. The town is laid out in a reverse L-shape.

Lowe Farm School has 121 students, there are 14 staff members. The parents have been developing a Natural Playground over the last 2 years[when?] that consists of a toboggan hill and swings. The school has been integrating technology by using smartboards, netbooks, desktops, and LCD projectors into their everyday experiences. The students are very engaged, participating in leadership activities like buddy reading, computer buddies, gym helpers, canteen helpers, and book order volunteers. They also participate in inter-school sports like basketball, volleyball, cross-country, badminton, floor hockey, and softball. The student council organizes events like Fall Frolics, Spirit Week, School Newspaper, Talent Show, and Oreo dunking. They also organize sales of school clothing.

Lowe Farm continues to grow with a new influx of immigration. The school population has increased in the five months prior to February 2016 by 27%, from 84 students to 107.