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Lowell Darling in San Francisco, February 2014. The button on his hat is a political ad supporting his candidacy for California governor.

Lowell Darling is an American conceptual artist most notable for a series of performances in the 1970s that included nailing cities to the earth, conducting "urban acupuncture" by placing oversize needles in the ground, and stitching up the San Andreas Fault. He practiced "Contemporary Archaeology" by dumpster diving and using the articles he pulled from the trash bins to create "Found Object" art works. His art includes a run for public office in the 1978 California gubernatorial election, when his primary challenge to Governor Jerry Brown received some 62,000 votes.[1] He is the creator of the "Fat City School of Finds Art," an unaccredited institution that grants free Masters and PhD degrees to arts students.[2]

In 2010, 32 years after their last election faceoff, Darling once again challenged Jerry Brown in the race for governor. He has described that 2010 run as a means to raise awareness about California's requirement of a two-thirds majority to pass a budget or tax.[3][4]

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