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Lowell Andrew Green
Born (1936-07-07) 7 July 1936 (age 81)
Yonkers, New York, United States
Show The Lowell Green Show (also known as The Island of Sanity)
Station(s) CFRA Ottawa
Time slot Weekdays 10 am to 12pm
Style talk radio
Country  Canada
Website www.lgreen.ca

Lowell Andrew Green (born 7 July 1936) is a Canadian radio personality[1] best known as the controversial former host of The Lowell Green Show, a conservative morning talk show on Ottawa radio station CFRA. Green also authored numerous books, autobiographical, historical and fictional.

Green was born in Yonkers, New York, United States, to Canadian parents, and immigrated to Canada.

Green graduated from Macdonald Agricultural College of McGill University near Montreal in 1956. He started his radio career in Brantford, Ontario, subsequently moving to stations in Sudbury and Montreal. In Montreal, Green won awards for his coverage of the Springhill mining disaster in Nova Scotia.[2]

Green arrived at CFRA in 1960 as a news and farm reporter. In 1966, he began hosting Greenline, and eventually became the longest-running open-line talk show host in North America. He retired briefly from radio in the 1980s, but returned in 1990.

Lowell Green is Canada’s most honoured broadcaster and one of the Country’s best selling authors. All nine of his previous books have been runaway bestsellers. His awards are too numerous to list here but include citations from four former Prime Ministers. Two of his broadcasts are in the National Archives, an Ottawa hospital ward bears his name and a Community Builders Award hangs at Ottawa City Hall. He is especially proud to be the recipient of both the Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee Awards and the Helen Keller Fellowship Award from Lions International. He lives with his wife Deborah in rural west Ottawa and has three grandchildren.

He founded the Big Brothers in Ottawa, Ontario.

He attempted to win the Liberal party nomination for the Pontiac riding in the 1968 federal election but lost this bid to Thomas Lefebvre.[3]

On December 13, 1984, Green ran for the Ontario Liberal Party in a provincial by-election in Ottawa Centre. The by-election was called after NDP Michael Cassidy resigned his seat. He came third, losing to NDP candidate Evelyn Gigantes. Green blamed this loss on his "sharp" personality and low voter turnout.[4]

In 1993, Green returned to CFRA and hosted The Lowell Green Show until his retirement in 2016.

Green has been controversial at times. Several complaints have been made against him to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council. In a 1994 complaint to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, listeners alleged that Green had been rude and abusive to a caller who identified herself as a Christian. Although the CBSC determined that Green's conduct had contravened CBSC guidelines around discrimination, they also decided that the station had responded appropriately, and the group did not prescribe any further action. In 2006 and 2008, the Council censured Green for his treatment of a Muslim man who challenged Green on the way the radio show host portrays Islam.[5][6]

On January 4, 2016, Green officially retired as an on-air host.[7]

In June 2017, controversy was created as to whether or not Indigo Books and Music had pulled Green's latest book, "Amazing But True!", from its bookshelves in stores in Canada. [8]


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