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Lowell Regional Transit Authority
LRTA logo.png
Founded 1974
Headquarters 145 Thorndike St.
Locale Lowell, MA
Service area Greater Lowell
Service type Bus service, paratransit
Routes 18 (in addition to a seasonal line during the holiday season)
Destinations Lowell, Chelmsford, Billerica, Tewksbury, Wilmington, Burlington, Dracut, Tyngsborough, Westford, Littleton
Fleet Gillig, Cutaway Vans
Fuel type Diesel, hybrid
Operator First Transit
Website lrta.com

The Lowell Regional Transit Authority (LRTA) is a public, non-profit organization in Massachusetts, charged with providing public transportation to the Greater Lowell area. This primarily includes the city of Lowell and the towns of Billerica, Burlington, Dracut, Chelmsford, Tewksbury, Tyngsborough, Westford and Wilmington. The LRTA provides fixed route bus services and paratransit services within this area, although some fixed lines do extend beyond these towns.[1][2]

The LRTA was created in September 1974 under Chapter 161B of the Massachusetts General Laws, the law that impacts all transit authorities in the state of Massachusetts. Since 2004, operation of the LRTA has been subcontracted to First Transit, a subsidiary of the United Kingdom based FirstGroup.[1][3]

The area served by the LRTA is within the commuter rail service area of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). At the Gallagher Transit Terminal in Lowell, LRTA buses provide connection to each other, to trains on MBTA's Lowell Line, and to various intercity bus routes.[1][3]


All of the routes serve Monday through Friday and most provide Saturday service. All routes originate at the LRTA Gallagher Terminal in Lowell.

Route Outbound terminal Major streets of operation History and notes
Christian Hill
Village Square Plaza
Beacon Street (NB), Humphrey St (SB)
  • Weekend Service consolidated with Route 8
  • Village Square Plaza service served by Route 10 on Saturdays
River Road and Trull Lane
Roger Street, Douglas Road, Andover Street
South Lowell
North Billerica (MBTA station) Lawrence Street, Woburn Street
Highland Via Stevens
Ayres City
V.A Clinic
Stevens Street
  • Formerly "7-Shaw/Stevens"
Westford Street/Drum Hill
Drum Hill Shopping Center
Westford Street, Drum Hill Road
  • Drum Hill Shopping Center also served by the 16
Broadway/UMass Lowell
University of Massachusetts Lowell
South Campus
Thorndike Street, Broadway Street
  • Formerly "10-Broadway via U-Lowell South"
  • Lord Manor Served by inbound buses only
Pawtucketville/UMass Lowell North
Greater Lowell Regional Vocational Technical School
Merrimack Street, University Avenue, Vamum Avenue
  • Formerly "11-Pawtucketville via U-Lowell North"
Hannaford Shop & Save
Dutton Street, West Sixth Street
  • Formerly "12-Centralville"
Lowell Circulator
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Fox Hall
Inbound: Fletcher Street, Merrimack Street, Market Street
Outbound: Appleton Street, East Merrimack Street, Father Morissette Boulevard
  • Runs in a loop form, serving the most northern sectors first, then the sectors in Central Lowell
Dracut Road & Massachusetts-New Hampshire State Line
Bridge Street, Lakeview Avenue
  • Formerly "17-Dracut/Tyngsboro"
  • Serves Village Square Plaza on Saturdays
Raytheon Company
Andover Street, Lowell Street
  • Formerly "20-Route 133/IRS"
  • Operates during rush hours; no midday or weekend service
Wilmington (MBTA station) Roger Street, Livingston Street, Main Street
  • Formerly "18-Tewksbury"
Billerica via Edson
Cambridge Street & Chestnut Street
Gorham Street, Boston Road, Cambridge Street
  • Connections available to MBTA Bus 350 and 352 in Burlington
Lahey Clinic Gorham Street, Boston Road, Middlesex Turnpike
  • Formerly "19-Burlington/Lahney Clinic"
  • Serves Burlington Mall
Gorham Street, Billerice Street, Littleton Road
  • Formerly "16-Route 129/110-via BrickKlim Road
Drum Hill Shopping Center
Chelmsford Street, Smith Street
  • Formerly "6- Chelmsford" and operated to Ayres City
  • Drum Hill Shopping Center also served by the 5
North Chelmsford
North Chelmsford
Main Street & Groton Road
Middlesex Street, North Road (Outbound), Tyngsborough Road (Inbound)
  • Formerly "9-Middlesex Street" and "15- North Chelmsford"
  • Chelmsford Senior Center served by inbound buses only
Downtown Shuttle
Lowell Inbound: Merrimack Street, Market Street, Middlesex Street
Outbound: Dutton Street, French Street
  • Operates as a loop route
Pheasant Lane
Pheasant Lane Mall
Middlesex Street, Tynsborough Road
  • Runs during holiday season (between Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Day)
  • Year-round service east of North Chelmsford available on route 17

Fleet roster[edit]

Year order Manufacturer/model Series
Powertrain Notes
2005 Gillig 29' Low Floor 0511
Cummins ISC/ Allison B300R
  • 0511 is active as a spare bus
2007 Gillig 35' Low Floor 0701-0712
Cummins ISL/ Allison B400R
  • Active
  • Will be retiring in 2019
2008 Gillig 35' Low Floor 0807-0812
Cummins ISL/Allison B400R
  • Active
2008 Gillig 35' Low Floor 0813-0814
Cummins ISB/ Allison EP40
  • First hybrid buses in the fleet
  • Active
2010 Gillig 35' Low Floor HEV 1001-1002
Cummins ISB/ Allison EP40
  • Active
2012 Gillig 35' Low Floor HEV 1101
Cummins ISB/ Allison EP40
  • 2012 model
  • Active
2012 Ford Starcraft E-450/Allstar 1201
5.4L Triton V8?/ 4-Speed AOD Automatic?
  • Taken out of revenue service; now being serviced as a road supervisor vehicle
2013 Ford/Elkhart Coaxh E450/ECII 1301-1302
5.4L Triton V8?/ 4-speed AOD automatic?
  • Active
2015 Gillig 29' Low Floor 1501-1506
Cummins ISL9/ Allison B400R EPA 2013
  • Active
  • Replaced the 2004 Eldorado National EZ RiderII CNG Trolleys in 2015
2014 Ford/Coach And Equipment E450/Phoenix 1507-1510
5.4L Triton V8?/ 4-speed AOD automatic?
  • Active
  • 2014 Models
2016 Ford/Coach and Equipment E450/Phoenix 1511-1512
6.8L Triton V8?/ 4-speed AOD automatic?
  • Active
  • 2016 models
2016 Gillig 29' Low floor 1601-1612
Cummins ISL9/ Allison B400R EPA 2013
  • Active
  • Replaced 11 2005 Gillig 29' Low Floors in 2016


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