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Lowell Spinners
Founded in 1996
Lowell, Massachusetts
Lowell Spinners.PNGLowell Spinners cap.PNG
Team logoCap insignia
Current Class A Short Season
Minor league affiliations
League New York–Penn League
Division Stedler Division
Major league affiliations
Current Boston Red Sox (1996–present)
Minor league titles
League titles (1) 1976
Division titles (3)
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2016
Team data
Nickname Lowell Spinners (1996–present)
Previous names
Elmira Pioneers (1973–1995)
Colors Navy blue, red, green, white
Mascot Canaligator, Allie-Gator, Millie-Gator
Ballpark Edward A. LeLacheur Park (1998–present)
Previous parks
Stoklosa Alumni Field (1996–1997)
Dave Heller
Manager Corey Wimberly

The Lowell Spinners are a Class A Short Season Minor League Baseball affiliate of the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball. Founded in 1996 after Clyde Smoll moved the Elmira Pioneers to Lowell, Massachusetts, the Spinners play in the New York–Penn League, which has a Class A Short Season classification with 76 games a year, 38 of which are at home.

The official mascots of the Spinners are Canaligator, Allie-Gator, and Millie-Gator. They were introduced on January 19, 1996, July 8, 1999, and Opening Day 2006, respectively.[1]

For the 1996 and 1997 seasons, the Spinners played at Stoklosa Alumni Field. Since 1998, they have played at Edward A. LeLacheur Park in Lowell.[2]


Lowell's heritage in organized baseball dates to 1877, when the city hosted a team in the League Alliance. It was a frequent member of the Class B New England League, but had not fielded a team in minor league baseball since 1947, when the nearby Lawrence franchise transferred to Lowell on July 15.

After Smoll brought the Spinners to Lowell in 1966, Drew Weber was the team owner from 1997 until June 2016, when it was purchased by Dave Heller.[2]

The Spinners set a minor-league record in the 2000 season, as they sold every home ticket for every home game.[3] This began a streak of sold-out home games. The streak was broken on August 30, 2010, at 413 games.[2] [3]

On August 21, 2003, the Spinners sponsored a Jack Kerouac bobblehead giveaway.[4] Kerouac was a Lowell native, and played football for Lowell High School.[5] The bobblehead was accepted by Cooperstown in 2005, the first time a literary icon was accepted there.[6] The bobbleheads were so popular that many more were made than originally intended, raised $10,000 for the Jack Kerouac Scholarship Fund.[6] The enshrinement also made media headlines as far away as Los Angeles.[7]

The giveaway was repeated on August 7, 2012 when the film adaptation of On the Road was released.[5] The dolls had a bobble head as well as a "bobble arm."[8] The bobbleheads were also available online for ordering, and as the game was sponsored by the UMass Lowell English Department, their departmental scholarships received the proceeds from the online orders.[9] A third Kerouac bobblehead, featuring Kerouac in his Lowell High football uniform, was given out on July 25, 2013.[10]

In 2005, the Spinners created the "Yankees Elimination Program." They offered to pay for the uniforms to all Little Leagues and youth softball teams in New England so that they would change all teams named "Yankees" into "Spinners". Over the next five years, 150 teams in New England made the switch. The Spinners also invited the youth teams to play at LaLecheur Park, and assisted in other fundraising initiative for those teams. In 2010, the program was limited to 75 teams on first-come, first-served basis, and it was estimated that over $70,000 had been donated into youth baseball and softball programs through the initiative. Spinners VP and GM Tim Bawmann said,“The Yankees Elimination Promotion was originally built as a fun promotion in response to parents' stories of children losing interest in the game after facing taunts simply for playing in a Yankees uniform.”[11]

Spinners games are currently broadcast on Lowell talk station WCAP. For the 2007 season they were on WLLH, another Lowell AM radio station, which at the time was an ESPN Radio affiliate. The games returned to WCAP the next season.[12][13][14]

On September 1, 2008, the Spinners reached the New York–Penn League playoffs for the first time capturing the Stedler Division title. They reached the playoffs again in 2009.

In October 2014 the Red Sox agreed to extend their player development contract with the Spinners for two more years through the 2016 season.[15] In November 2015, the contract was extended again through the 2018 season.[16]

In the 2016 season, the Spinners ended with a franchise-best record of 47 wins, and tied their record for home wins (25). RF Tyler Hill won the NYPL batting title, and he and third baseman Bobby Dalbec became the first Spinners players to win Player of the Month awards. The Spinners won the Stedler Division title, but were swept by the Hudson Valley Renegades in the semifinals 2-0.[17] Boston Red Sox pitching prospect Jason Groome also made his first start for the team in the playoffs after being promoted from the Gulf Coast League.[18]


Notable Spinners alumni[edit]

A full list of Spinners players who played in the major leagues, with their debut dates, is maintained on the team website.[19]

Kevin Youkilis broke into pro baseball with the 2001 Spinners, and batted .317 in 59 games.
Spinners warming up at LeLacheur Park, 2009


Lowell Spinners roster
Players Coaches/Other


  • 43 Taylor Ahearn
  • 62 Yoan Aybar
  • 37 Danny Bethea
  • 48 Kevin Biondic
  • 59 Brian Brown
  • 44 Logan Browning
  • 19 Alex Demchak
  • 51 Victor Garcia
  • 16 Jose Gonzalez
  • 36 Hunter Haworth
  • 24 Kris Jackson
  • 49 Francisco Lopez-Soto
  • 38 Chris Machamer
  • 58 Oddanier Mosqueda
  • 57 Yorvin Pantoja
  • 30 Juan Perez Injury icon 2.svg(60-day)
  • 63 Andrew Politi
  • 32 Tanner Raiburn
  • 61 Yasel Santana
  • 40 Chase Shugart
  • -- Kevin Steen Injury icon 2.svg(60-day)


  • 21 Alan Marrero
  • 50 Elih Marrero
  • 20 Alberto Schmidt


  • 12 Korby Batesole
  • -- Triston Casas Injury icon 2.svg
  • 28 Trey Ganns
  • 35 Devlin Granberg
  • 39 Brandon Howlett
  • 15 Xavier LeGrant
  • 47 Nicholas Northcut
  • 29 Jonathan Ortega
  • 11 Grant Williams


  • 46 Juan Carlos Abreu
  •  3 Ramfis Berroa
  • 18 Cole Brannen
  • 60 Tyler Dearden
  • 40 Tyler Esplin
  • 35 Devlin Granberg
  • 17 Dylan Hardy
  • 64 Lane Milligan



Injury icon 2.svg 7-day disabled list
* On Boston Red Sox 40-man roster
# Rehab assignment
∞ Reserve list
‡ Restricted list
§ Suspended list
† Temporary inactive list
Roster updated August 30, 2018
→ More rosters: MiLB • New York–Penn League
Boston Red Sox minor league players


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