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FounderGreg Lowe, Mike Lowe
United States
ProductsCamera bags, backpacks, protective cases and equipment for photography, video and electronic devices

Lowepro is a brand of carrying bags for cameras, laptops, imaging accessories and portable consumer electronics with corporate headquarters in Petaluma, California.[1] It is part of The Vitec Group Plc, after the company was acquired from DayMen Canada Acquisitions ULC.[2]

History of the company[edit]

Lowepro camera bags began as an offshoot of Lowe Alpine Systems, an outdoor equipment manufacturer founded by Mike, Greg and Jeff Lowe in suburban Denver (Colorado) in 1967. In the 1960s, the Lowe brothers were known in outdoor circles for their climbing, skiing and photography. In 1967, Greg Lowe invented the world’s first close-fitting internal-frame backpack.[citation needed] He used the same design principles to create the Lowepro line of protective camera bags as he often carried photographic equipment on hikes and climbs in the backcountry of the Western United States. The first bag marketed for cameras was manufactured in 1972.[3]

In 1981, Uwe Mummenhoff and DayMen Photo Marketing Inc. gained exclusive rights to produce Lowepro products under license in Canada. In 1989, Lowepro U.S.A. became a wholly owned subsidiary of DayMen Photo Marketing and was established as a corporation; the Lowepro registered trademark was bought in 2002.[4] Brockway Moran & Partners invested in DayMen in partnership with management in October 2010. On September 22nd 2017 the company was acquired by The Vitec Group plc for $10.3 million. [5]


Lowepro produces various ranges of bags. Originally producing bags for traditional cameras, the brand has evolved to create bags which house compact digital cameras, smartphones, and even drones and quadcopters.

The Slingshot range is aimed at professional news and sports photographers,[6] providing easy access to cameras for rapid shooting; CNet found the SlingShot 300 AW Camera Bag offered good protection and easy access.[7] The FastPack is a rucksack-style range, which CNet found less refined.[8]


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