Lower Canada College

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Lower Canada College
Motto Non nobis solum
(Not for ourselves alone)
Type Private
Established 1909
Academic staff
Students 785
Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Campus Main (urban); Rigaud (rural)
Sports teams Lions
Colours Blue, Red, grey, gold         
Mascot LCC Lion
Website www.lcc.ca

Lower Canada College (LCC), located in Montreal, Quebec, is an elementary and secondary level private school. The school offers education from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Students graduate from Grade 11, and then have the option of leaving the school and going on to a Pre-University college, unique to the Quebec system, or returning to LCC for the Pre-University year.

Once boys-only, LCC is now co-educational, with roughly 40 percent of the population being girls. Girls were first admitted to Grade 12 in 1992 and were phased into the other grades beginning in the 1995–96 school year.

Until recently, LCC was one of the few remaining schools with a covered outdoor ice hockey rink. This has been replaced by a new athletics centre as well as a new arena. In addition to hockey, LCC has been known for fielding strong Lions teams in Canadian football, soccer, basketball and rugby union. LCC's traditional rival in sports and other matters is Selwyn House School.[citation needed]

The annual fees for attending LCC range from $17,415 to $20,066.


Lower Canada College was opened on Royal Avenue by Dr. Charles Fosbery on September 20, 1909.[1] LCC can trace its roots to 1861 when the boarding school St. John's School was started by the Church of St John the Evangelist.


LCC, like many other Commonwealth schools, divides its students into houses. These eight houses are named after alumni. There is also one house specifically for Grade 12 students. They are:

  • Beveridge (Orange)
  • Claxton (Red)
  • Drummond (White)
  • French (Blue)
  • Harper (Green)
  • Heward (Black)
  • Russel (Grey)
  • Woods (Maroon)
  • Webster (Purple, Grade 12 house)

It is an annual tradition for the eight houses to engage in "Shourawe", a spirited day dedicated to house competitions such as Tug of war. Prior to 2008, this day was known as "House Wars". However, the barbaric etymology of the term evoked backlash and pressure from parents, causing LCC to reconfigure the letters into a less belligerent anagram. Conversely, the Tug of war event has yet to be renamed as a politically correct euphemism.

International Baccalaureate[edit]

In 2013, LCC began implementing the International Baccalaureate programme for some students in its grade 11 class. They plan on extending the program to grade 12 in 2014. Currently, there are approximately 25 students in the IB programme.


As of 2013 LCC receives subsidies from the provincial government and therefore abides by the French Language Charter, restricting enrolment of students to eligible parties specified in the charter.[2]


Notable alumni and former faculty[edit]

Alumni include:

Faculty include:

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