Lower Class Brats

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Lower Class Brats
Background information
Origin Austin, Texas, USA
Genres Punk rock
Years active January 1995–present
Labels Helen of Oi! Records England
Pair-O-Docs Records
Second To None Records
Combat Rock Records France
Dirty Punk Records France
GMM Records
T.S.O.R. Records Switzerland
Punk Core Records
TKO Records
Turkey Baster Records
Orphan Records Group
Loud Punk Records
Website http://www.lcbarmy.com
Members Bones DeLarge vocals
Marty Volume lead guitar
Zed rhythm guitar
Ron Conflict bass
Punt drums
Nick Brat drums
Past members Rick Brat
Rob Brat
Clay Aloy
Johnny O. Negative
Houston Richieson
Ryland Meyer
Mike Brat
Brad Teeter
Joey The Kid

Lower Class Brats are a punk rock band founded in Austin, Texas in January 1995.[1] They describe their sound as high energy "Rock and Roll Street Noize." They have released a number of recordings including twelve 7" singles, three 12" singles, four full-length albums and one live album. They are highly influenced by the movie and book A Clockwork Orange.[2]


Like a festering sore or a criminal rap sheet, the Lower Class Brats won't go away.

Formed in Austin, Texas in 1995, the Brats hit the scene like a gob of Lone Star loogie and have been spitting like cobras ever since. Brazenly unapologetic and frightfully in-your-face, the band's knuckle-busting brand of safety-pinned street punk has launched a legacy of hostility.

After scraping and stealing (or worse) to release a handful of broke-budget, seven-inch singles, the Brats finally issued their rabidly devoured 1997 debut album, "Rather Be Hated Than Ignored." A promise as much as a threat, "Hated" became a rallying cry for Austin's underground punk scene and served as marching orders for the germinating LCB Army. It also became an Oi! classic.

Eighteen years and multiple albums later (to say nothing of the untold beers, drugs, fights and vomit) the Brats and their tattooed Army remain a growing worldwide disease. Tours across Mexico, Europe, North America, Canada, Japan and elsewhere left a wake of wreckage and won countless new LCB recruits who proudly wear the band's clockwork skull mascot on tattered jackets and deep in their skin.

Today, to the great dismay of polite society, the Brats refuse to slow down or sober up. With new music always ticking like a bomb, the next explosion of chaos, riot and ruin is right around the next piss-stained corner. Consider yourself warned … and invited!

-- Metal Dave Glessner http://2fast2die.com/


Current Line-up[edit]

  • Bones DeLarge: Vocals/founding member (1995 - present)
  • Marty Volume: Lead guitar/founding member (1995 - present)
  • Zed: Rhythm guitar (2017 - present)
  • Ron Conflict: Bass (2012 - present)
  • Punt: Drums (2014 - present)
  • Nick Brat: Drums (2017 - present)

Former members[edit]


  • Rick Brat: Bass/founding member (1995 -1999, 2000)
  • Houston Richieson: Bass (1999)
  • Ryland Meyer: Bass (2000 - 2002)
  • Johnny O. Negative: Bass (2008 - 2011)
  • EVO: Bass (2002 - 2008, 2011/12)


  • Rob Brat: Drums/founding member (1995 - 2000)
  • Brad Teeter: Drums (2000 - 2002)
  • Mike Brat: Drums (2002 - 2004)
  • Clay Aloy: Drums (2004 - 2008)
  • Joey The Kid: Drums (2008 - 2013)


  • R.T.: Piano (piano on Rather Be Hated Than Ignored, 1997)
  • Tony Scalzo: Piano (piano on The New Seditionaries, 2006)



7" Records / EPs[edit]

  • Who Writes Your Rules (Helen Of Oi! Records, 1995) English Import. 1,500 pressed. Black vinyl.
  • Lower Class Brats / Reducers SF Split (Also known as the Ultra-Violence 7", Pair-O-Docs Records, 1996) 1,000 pressed. 800 black vinyl. 200 white vinyl. With insert.
  • A Wrench In The Gear (Helen Of Oi! Records, 1996) English Import. 1,500 pressed. Black vinyl.
  • Lower Class Brats / Dead End Cruisers Split (Second to None Records, 1996) 500 pressed. Blue vinyl.
  • Lower Class Brats / Templars Split (TKO Records, 1998) 1,500 pressed. 800 black vinyl. 200 orange vinyl. With insert. 500 picture disc.
  • Psycho (Combat Rock Records, 1999) French Import. 1,500 pressed. Black vinyl. First 100 copies come with a hand #'d insert with lyrics in French.
  • Glam Bastard (TKO Records, 1999) 2,000 pressed. 1,800 black vinyl. With insert. 200 orange vinyl with a hand #'d full-color fold-out poster.
  • Deface The Music (Punk Core Records, 2002) 1,000 pressed. 800 black vinyl. 100 purple vinyl. 100 clear vinyl. With insert.
  • The Worst (Dirty Punk Records, 2004) French Import. 500 pressed. Green / white splatter vinyl. With insert.
  • I'm A Mess (T.S.O.R. Records, 2006) Swiss Import. 500 pressed. Black vinyl. With insert.
  • Lower Class Brats / Chelsea Split (TKO Records, 2006) 500 pressed. Green / clear / yellow splatter vinyl. Labels are switched on wrong sides. With insert.
  • Thoughts About You (Combat Rock Records, 2009) French Import. 500 pressed. Black vinyl.

12" Records / EPs[edit]

  • Punks, Skins, Herberts And Hooligans (Punk Core Records, 1997) 1,000 pressed. Approx. 200 copies were defective and returned to the pressing plant. 200 of the approx. 800 copies left come with a #'d full-color insert. Black vinyl.
  • 'Rock 'N' Roll Street Noize (Turkey Baster Records, 2012) 500 pressed. Clear orange vinyl w/ red and black splatter. Includes poster, lyric sheet and download card.

Full Length Albums / CDs[edit]

  • Rather Be Hated Than Ignored CD (GMM Records, 1997) (Punk Core Records, 1998) Picture Disc LP (Punk Core Records, 1998) 1,000 pressed. #'d sticker on clear plastic cover. With color insert.
  • The Plot Sickens CD (Punk Core Records, 2000) LP (Punk Core Records, 2000) 1,000 pressed. 800 black vinyl. 200 grey / green splatter vinyl. With full-color dust sleeve insert.
  • A Class Of Our Own CD (Punk Core Records, 2003) LP (Punk Core Records, 2003) 1,000 pressed. 800 black vinyl. 100 half white / half orange vinyl. 100 clear / red splatter vinyl. With full-color dust sleeve insert.
  • The New Seditionaires CD (TKO Records, 2006) LP (Dirty Punk Records, 2006) French Import. 1,000 pressed. Black vinyl. With insert.


Live Recordings[edit]


  • This Is Real! (Includes bonus CD of The New Seditionaries demos. TKO Records, 2008)

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